BlogPaws 2010 - WestThe house is so quiet at 4 a.m. … Shhh. Let’s try not to wake the dogs.

Why am I up at this hour? It’s not odd, really. Imagine writing anything enjoyable or even cohesive while chasing incorrigible cats off counters and letting impatient dogs in and out several hundred times each day. It’s much easier when all are sleeping soundly.

Today, I’m up to write just briefly.  I’ll be jetsetting to BlogPaws West 2010, a pet bloggers conference in Denver, in just a few hours. Time permitting, my next post will be live from the scene.

I’ll be seeing Amy and Rod of (Amy is my co-hort at, Mr. Author from Life with Dogs, the Never Shock a Puppy contingent and many, many other favorite bloggers. There will be video, commentary and lots of photos. I promise!

The to-do list is finally winding down. I’m packed, the laptop is backed up, batteries charged, iPhone synced, and my Tweeter is tweeting with TwitBird. Now to shower, dress, kiss my husband, boys and Ella … and be off!

See you on the other side!