Blogworld Expo

I’ve been absent from my usual online watering holes, and I apologize. My time in Las Vegas was devoured by …

BlogWorld (blɒɡ wurld)  — n
3-Day conference that teaches best social media practices to gain exposure and engage with quality customers

Sounds boring, you say? Not on your life! There were celebrities, scrappy folks from the political arena, news networks, amazing exhibits, contests, fundraising campaigns, brands, enormous after-parties (including TechKaraoke held in a music arena with a live band) … and all the fixin’s Vegas has to offer.

My aim was to better use social media in the realm of dog rescue. I came away with more than my fair share of information,  from both the cause track and the inspiring keynote “Behind The Wristband: How LiveStrong Evolved From A Cause To A Movement.”

Absorbing loads of quality content was like drinking from a full-on fire hose – a truly tasty fire hose. And the parties weren’t much different, although the product imbibed was more literal. (Yes, I had my 1st – and 2nd – Jeagerbomb there. I’ll admit, I liked it.) For a bit of the work and the play, as combined for your viewing pleasure,  I put this video together. It’s all about “the funny,” so enjoy.


For more sobering CNN coverage, learn about the power of social media for social good with the #beatcancer campaign. And for some terrific insight about BlogWorld’s session content, visit the review at


Kim Clune and Darren RowseLara KulpaIn addition to learning a ton, I spent quality time with my friend Lara Kulpa (who made me go) and met Darren Rowse, each from ProBlogger . It was literally “All that and TEN BAGS OF CHIPS!” while on a food run for the Problogger afterparty.

I shared a lot of laughs with the ever-outspoken Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media … even though we deemed ourselves “too old to drink” and, wrapped in red boas, lost our way back from BlogWorld’s opening party.

I also made friends with the all around funny and helpful WP go-to guy, Brian Layman of eHermits, Inc., with whom I explored the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, home of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars. (Oh, puh-lease. You would too.)


Blogworld 2010


While this wasn’t the pet blogging convention many of you know and love, I found it useful to break out of that niche beyond the world of rescue, pets and animal products. Over lunch and at impromptu meetings (one that demanded I climb out of my pajamas), I was able to make mass media connections with those who want to help rescue dogs in a very big way. Thank you, Loren Feldman ( and Aaron Aviles (personal director for P90X Director Mason Bendewald). I can’t wait to share what comes next.

And, of course, since 62% of U.S. households presently own a pet (equating to 71.4 million homes according to the National Pet Owners Survey ), plenty of folks couldn’t wait to share photos of their Collies, Great Danes or black rescue cats. Even the exhibitors were thrilled, after asking what I blog about, to share their love of animals. In fact, after handing out their swag all day, they appeared grateful to receive the Honest Kitchen dog food samples I brought to share. It was great to “give back” in return for their friendly presentations, information and support.

As for the online pet people I met with in real life (IRL), you might recognize Dr. Annmarie Hill, owner and main veterinarian for the Animal Care Center of Huntington Beach and Michelle Maskaly of My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much. It was great meeting Bryan Howland and Grant Biniasz of VPI Pet Insurance too, as well as Grace Boyle from who I missed at BlogPaws last month.


Kim Clune and Scott StrattenIf I can avoid being star-truck next time, it would be nice. When I met Scott Stratten (who dominates the video above) after his rock star keynote, I handed him a book to sign saying, “Sorry this comes from my armpit.” I then said “I’m that cat blogger you joke about.”

Did I mention teaching Village Volunteers, a humanitarian aid organization, to use social media to earn votes and win $20K from Chase Community Giving? Did I mention that I’m a founding member of Or starting a dog rescue using social media? No, of course not. I just reduced myself to a cat blogger. (No really, I love you guys. Especially I Have Cat.)

Humminuh, humminuh, humminuh…


You bet! (…minus the armpit comment.) How’s next weekend?

I jest. I jest. I need a year-long rest after all that excitement, although I do miss the enormous bathtub at Mandalay Bay. I loved every minute and I want to thank all the fine folks behind BlogWorld for putting on such a tremendous conference.