BumperPet.com offered this free sticker for us to customize and try for free! Swank, right?

Bumper Pet Sticker
Bumper PetYou too can customize your own bumper sticker with many options for size, shape, and imaging. Because a special adhesive is used, it can be applied to virtually any smooth, clean surface and removed without residue or damage. I love the way it holds up on my laptop.

BumperPet stickers also, according to their website, “have a 3 year outdoor fade resistant life and maintain their vivid appearance throughout many types of weather.” My next one will probably go on my car. I can change things up too, since each sticker is┬áremovable, although that’s not something I’m ready to try yet. I like my sticker too much.

Although the cost seems a little pricey, a portion of that cost does awesome good. According to BumperPet’s President and CEO Sue Yellen:

A passion for animals and my four legged family members Duncan and Izzy were what inspired me to start BumperPet.com. Aside from giving people the ability to showcase their love by making custom removable stickers from their pet’s image, BumperPet.com also gives back. We donate $1 from every sale to charity and each month we partner with smaller charities and donate $2 to them from every custom sticker sale.

Check out the BumperPet options, make an awesome tribute to your pet or create a gift for somebody else, and help an animal charity in the process. It feels good on every level!