I apologize for the light postings of late. It was time to climb out from under this laptop and live a bit of This One Wild Life.

Tim and I took a little road trip last week, traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA through Carmel (where we ate at Clint Eastwood’s Hog’s Breath Inn), down Lombard street (twice!) in San Francisco, over the snow-cleared Tioga Pass of Yosemite National Park to Mono Lake, and around the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe … until we got to Reno, flew to Vegas, lost all our money and came home.

2010.06 LA to SF

So, what makes for a great road trip? For us it was good company and a white Mustang convertable, heavy on the Mustang. (We can get the good company at home.) I am not a car person (What is it I drive again?) but this baby rocked. Able to pass 3 cars on a winding road boasting a 40 degree grade, all while ocean waves crashed 3000 feet directly below? Booyah! I was all, “Do it, Tim. You can take ’em! Get those cars out of my photographs!” This is a far cry from my experience in Tim’s Passat where I grab the Oh Shit! Handle on thruway exits. What can I say? That Mustang corners like it’s on rails.

… Dear Hertz, I really miss that car.

We drove through every climate imaginable, from 90 degrees in the valley where the scent of strawberries clung to our skin up to where the crisp blue sky met a glacial snow-pack. When the temperature dropped, we layered clothing over layers of sunburn, cranked the heat and kept driving — top down. Squandering a single moment in that car was not an option, even if that moment was downright frosty.

Along the way we met many animal friends, from the rambunctious sea lions at San Francisco’s Pier 39 to a lone mountain lizard near Yosemite. I made the first 911 call of my life for an escaped calf running in the highway (she was rescued by officers) and we stumbled upon a pair of fluffy, young owls perched with their mom outside a coffee shop in Bridgeport. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite photos.

California Road Tripping

We’re gladly back home with our furkids now. At least we think that’s the case. The kittens grew so much while we were away, when we picked them up we had to ask, “Are those OURS?” We’ve missed the cats and dogs terribly and we’ve missed you too. So let’s get back to it!