Wordless Wednesday 81

This One Wild Life wants your interpretation of our photo story. 

  • What’s this critter thinking about his situation?
  • What silly or snarky comment would he make?

Why play? First, it’s just stoopid fun. And, time/life permitting, we may add our favorite comment to the photo and share it across our social media network with credit to you! But really, do it because it’s stoopid fun.

It’s Good to Be Back

Mel Freer from No Dog About It recently asked what happened to our long run of dog, cat, bird and wildlife photos. “Why did you stop? They were a lot of fun.”

The answer is this… I stopped when I grew bored with “trying” to capture photos in order to continue the trend. I much prefer the magical happenstance of capturing a perfect moment – just because. Missing this made me cranky, apparently, for a month and a year.

During that time, I shot more pictures – for fun. Visiting the terabyte of new images last night, clearly we have enough to reconsider. So, Miss Mel, tons of fresh, new Wordless Wednesdays are in the queue for the year ahead. And, if I were to hazard a guess, spontaneous shots taken this year just  may keep things going through 2014.

Can’t Get Enough? There’s More!

Our entire collection is now in the new “Caption This!” menu category under Human Animal. (Please be patient with less fleshed-out menu options. We’re categorically retrofitting blog posts through 2009. This process is long.)

Ready? Set. GO!

Fire up your witty caption engines and start posting your thought bubbles in the comments below!