(Otherwise known as WE MADE IT!)

Yesterday marked the day we adopted two kittens, Jackson and Jed (then named Sunshine and Red), from a very special rescue cattery, AnimalKind, Inc.

At just 3 months old, their attitudes were perfectly solidified and so very different from one another. Looking back, of course this is evident. But from Day One onward, we had zero understanding of what these tremendous personalities had store for us.

I recently wondered when these wild and crazy animals would no longer feel like new, exciting and downright foreign installments in our home and lives. I can sense it happening, that occasional comfort waltzing in and plopping on the couch like an old friend, and yet the surprises just keep coming.


Last week, the boys learned to open all the kitchen drawers as well as the pet food cupboard and eat through a box of Prowl from the Honest Kitchen.

Kitchen Raiders

Super-fueled, Jed now launches 5 feet from the top of the 36 inch, old-school television to the fireplace mantel. There he perches over a nervous hound who prays that the potted plant won’t crash on his head as the glass television stand (tempered, but still) wavers from launch shock.

Sometimes their curiosity is adorable. Sometimes it’s downright dangerous and we adjust the entirety of our lives around avoidance. Mind you, my husband has had a bit of fun leveraging Jed’s television trick, now justifying a new and narrow flat screen with a wall mount, you know, for safety. If anything, we are even greater proponents of pet adoption because of this.


As the kittens have matured, a natural and relaxing rhythm has entered in too, one that lulls the soul like the sound of a sleeping child’s sweet, soft breath. Jackson loves to nap in my lap daily, snoring and purring, while Jed crawls between the dog bed’s cover and stuffing, nesting like a groundhog until Emmett roots him out with his nose.

These simple moments of curiosity without contrived destruction are most precious and becoming old hat, like when Tim and Jed played in the fresh-fallen snow, the window between them not hindering an ounce of their sweet fun.

Moments like these are taking the place of:

Adoption DayWhile the onset of our cats’ adulthood lurks around the corner, we are so grateful for the enormous fun of watching our little beasties explore their new world with a comical vengeance. I wouldn’t trade a single minute – except that one where Jackson stuck his claw in my cheek. That one I could do without.

Happy anniversary, Babies.
We love you.
So big.

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