Cat FightWorking from home certainly has its perks.

  • Perpetual pajama wear? Perk.
  • No commute? Perk.
  • Ability to set my own hours? Perk.
  • Being my own boss? Perk.

Yes, yes, it’s all well and good in theory.
In reality, our animals are my boss.

  • To punch in, the Newf sticks his face in his water bowl and lays his soggy, drooling lips on my keyboard. I, apparently, am the keeper of his time cards.
  • During mud season (which may include spring, summer, fall and/or winter), the dogs dictate constant floor mopping during “work” breaks.
  • Emmett, for attention, slams his head onto my [now broken] external hard drive. (I’ve considered docking his kibble.)
  • And, as the Mischief Police, I’m often called upon to root out the source of crashes, bangs, booms or an abundance of silence.

Yes, the animals are in charge of me. They determine my ever-flexible schedule more often than not. And then there are those atypical and amusing distractions, like the cat fight that happened ON MY HEAD. Yes, working from home has its perks. I’m just not sure this is one of them…