Jed Cleans SinkI’m not much of a housekeeper. Sure, I sweep, mop, vacuum and dust, but ironing isn’t a big deal and when those dust elephants roll out from under the couch to greet guests, I offer little more than a hello and a giggle.

Tim asked me to iron a couple of shirts one day while he took the recycling to the transfer station. Hurried for a trip, it was the perfect way to economize our time. While ironing isn’t my favorite activity, I suspect I had much more fun than Tim did.

Jed, our very curious cat, found my new activity worthy of exploration. You’ll see what I mean in the video. I apologize for the poor lighting. This was one of those moments you don’t plan for. I had such a laugh, you can bet I’ll teach Jed to scrub the sink next.

Oh, and honey? I’m sorry your shirt was so fuzzy. At least it was on the inside.

What household errands are you pets good (or not-so-good) at? Please share. Inquiring Jed wants to know!