Cat ScratchI am not speaking for the animals here. This is my want.

Have you ever found that perfect toy, the one that all the animals enjoy – including those of the human variety? Well, I’ve got one. The problem is, I can no longer find a replacement. The usual online outlets don’t list it and the company’s website, Pet Links Systems, is under construction. Essentially, I’m writing a review in reverse. My hope is that “If I write it, they will come… to me.”

I bought this cat scratcher to save my furniture and it truly has done its job. In fact, it should be paid overtime. I suspect the natural fibers have marinated in some badass cat nip for hours on end because, when I move it, the cats follow. Always. They even roll like fools where it used to be. AND, it matches my couch. But that’s not all…

What makes this scratcher most enticing is the stuffed and feathered chew toy attached, and the cats aren’t the only fans. Emmet, our hound, is willing to risk getting his eyes clawed out to sink his incisors through the velvet fabric and into the soft, white fluff. Sadly, after months of cat play, Emmett has finally won. The toy is dead.

Welcome to “Two Cats and a Dog: Scratch, Sniff, Swat and Chew.” This video highlights our cat scratcher days of yore. Sadly, with the toy gone, it’s just not the same. If you see one of these around, please, please, please let me know. And, if I can be picky, I just want the replacement part.

Aww man. The cats are pulling plastic bags from the cupboard… Gotta run.