Kit CatsI took the kittens for a wellness exam just over a week ago. While the two of them frolicked around the room, hopping in and out of their carriers and chasing each other over the chair and exam table, they drew the attention of several staff members. Everyone who visited was enamoured with their frisky behavior and their affectionate snuggles. And then a trend began to occur. The more visitors we saw, the more I heard, “Those are the longest four-month-old kittens I have ever seen!”

Last night, our friend Doug came to visit. When Jackson greeted him at the door, Doug’s first words were, “That’s a cat.” Taking another look he added, “That’s not a kitten. It’s a cat.” Doug later watched as the kittens ran about, tackling each other and clutzing about with spines like Slinkies. “Okay, maybe they act like kittens, but really, they look like cats.”

So, it’s not just me, huh? When I first brought these babies home, I joked that their bodies had some significant growing to do before filling in their huge paws. Their spines, each as long as the other, measure the length of my former 11 pound cat, yet Jackson weighed in at 6 lbs. at 4.5 months and Jed weighed 4.5 pounds at the age of nearly 4 months. Their legs are like stilts and their tails are so long, it doesn’t seem possible for the tips to be in the same zip code as their heads.

These tails are a topic unto themselves, really. When the kittens walk, their tails shoots straight up in the air with a slight curl at the tip. They look like little bumper cars – and behave like them more often than not. And these long, orange whips twitch and tangle like insane rattle snakes when the kittens obsess over outdoor birds. It makes my head spin to watch. Tell me these tails (and cats) aren’t long… and perhaps even a little possessed.