The Story of the Christmas Garland

The Story of the Christmas Garland

Christmas Geetings: Shamus and Jackson

Dearest family and friends,

We hope that your holidays glimmered and shone with all the brilliance of hope and love that this season has to offer.

Tim and I spent our holidays twinkling with glistening, feverish foreheads while decking our dark halls with coughs of horror as 10 days of the flu consumed us. We woke on New Years Day feeling like we had missed the 2012 Prom.

So, to rekindle any salvageable cheer, we mustered up some footage from last year to bring you The Story of the Christmas Garland, a tender little tale about our house being under construction right up until Christmas Eve (and why we didn’t have the energy to produce a holiday greeting last year.) We hope you enjoy.

If Reindeer Were Reindogs… We Know 8 in Need of Treats!

Twas the Night Before Christmas and eight real-life rescue dogs would love their stockings filled. If their wishes came true, the story would go something like this…

The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas graphic produced by Pet365 and Dogorama.
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Eight real-life rescue dogs would love their stockings filled!

Holiday Treat Dogs - Dog House Adoptions

We would be ever-so-grateful for healthy meals, training treats, and femur bones for holiday desert. Visit Dog House Adoptions for details or you can donate straight away through Paypal. Thank you!

Every bit helps a dog!
Dog House Adoptions is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization which relies on contributions, adoption fees, small grants, and fund raising events to provide for the dogs in our care. All contributions are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Halloween Dog Dream or Real Life Nightmare? #BarkWorld

Halloween Dog Dream or Real Life Nightmare? #BarkWorld

Halloween dog: Emmett Dreams

Our Halloween dog’s body rocked and whimpered as  nightmarish, dirt-nap  fantasies tortured his brain. Vultures circled his limp shell as he screamed “I’m not dead yet!” in a horrific howl that no one but he could hear. Circling closer, the big, black birds screeched the deathly sound of hunting Pterodactyls.

Was it all a dream – or a real life nightmare?

Emmett clearly should have come to BarkWorld Expo, where Halloween is fun, not frightening.

Wet-nosed friends dressed their best for the HOWL-O-Ween Charity Pawty sponsored by The Atlanta Dog Spa. Featured judges were Rick Tamargo from Haute or Not Pets, Brett Chisholm of Life + Dog Magazine, Ed Sayers of the ASPCA, and Kat Smith from Petco.

Here’s one happy little spectator…

Happy Dog

For fabulous photos of furry contestants in costume, visit the Atlanta Dog Spa Facebook Album and My Favorite Pup Jasmine.

Donning our biggest, baddest, badass look as Be the Change for Animals‘ Little Red Riding Hoods, our motto was:

“Save a wolf. Eat Me.”

Little Red Riding Hoods - BarkWorld

L to R: Amy & Buster (, me, & Kristine Tonks (Rescued Insanity)

Happy Halloween!

Politics Goes to Real Dogs in Fun New Book

Politics Goes to Real Dogs in Fun New Book

Red Dog / Blue Dog

People Politics

Tonight, Americans will watch another Presidential Debate.  Spin doctors will judge through the long, dark night which candidate is top dog or underdog. Citizen punditry will dog Facebook and Twitter feeds with renewed fury. All will be asking, “Can this dog hunt?”

As a nation, our political appetites are insatiable. And now the dogs have joined the mix in a funny new book called Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political (affiliate link) by Chuck Sambuchinol. 

Dog Politics

Red Dog / Blue DogRed Dog/Blue Dog proves, once and for all, that some tails wag to the left and others to the right.

With 140 full-color photos of opinionated pooches accompanied by clever captions from the dogs themselves, this amusing book will add some much-needed levity to politics— whatever side of the political spectrum you are on.

Arriving in time for the 2012 election season and Presidential debates, this book provides humorous levity in the heart of a never-ending public debate.

Order your copy of Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political on (affiliate link). A portion of proceeds will be donated to no-kill shelters / rescue groups around the country. So buy this gem, featured by PoliticalWire and The Huffington Post, for your favorite armchair politicians, 2-leggers and 4-leggers alike.

What’s Inside

I’d like to believe that my dogs are independent (and speak with British accents) but, clearly, a dog’s political perspective isn’t so cut and dried. Take these humorously stereotypical positions from the book’s balanced spreads of red vs. blue pooches:

Red Dog / Blue Dog - Spread 1

Red Dog relishes pooping on the New York Times.
Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all of his liberal media in one place. 

Red Dog / Blue Dog - Spread 2

Red Dog would like to know why these flags were made in China.
Blue Dog would like to know if this dog bone is organic and fair-trade. 

Red Dog / Blue Dog - Spread 3

Red Dog would like to see your long-form birth certificate.
Blue Dog thinks your flat tax plan is preposterous. 

Voiceless political pets are voiceless no more, thanks to Chuck and his army of internet followers with politicized dog pictures.
Check out Red Dog/Blue Dog (affiliate link) today!

Chuck Sambuchino and his dog GrahamAbout the Author:
Chuck Sambuchino is the pet parent of Graham and a politics junkie. He is the author of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack (optioned for film by Sony in 2011). He also edits the Guide to Literary Agents (Writer’s Digest Books) as well as other writing guides. He lives in Cincinnati. Please visit him at and

Disclosure: A free copy of this book was sent to me for review. I wrote about it, not for compensation, but strictly because I found it amusing and thought that you might too.
What the Dog Destroys, the Cat Employs

What the Dog Destroys, the Cat Employs

Cat on Couch

Sad, Sad Sun-porch Sofa, your bouncy, buoyant cushions were once beloved by humans… until you went to the dogs.

Last December, the Newf discovered your firm support yet soft, supple, cradling effects. And when your cottony fabric was pushed to extremes by the looming weight of our lounging dog, your seams split under the privacy of an impotent couch cover. Your deflated spirit was evident and inconsolable. Your white, fluffy-filler goodness bled into the room only to be toyed with by torturous beast-cats.

The cover removed, your faded shell lay splayed open like a dying Taun Taun on Planet Hoth. (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back fans, anybody?) Our Jedi cat discovered the warmth of your exposed, cottony fill, as did his brother-friend Jackson, much to Jed’s dismay. And the humans watched your slow death with pained desire for a world of comfort which exists for them no more.

Oh, Dear Sofa, what does your future hold? Will your shapely form be recast in fabric by a brand new Singer machine? Can your bountiful fluff, since scattered to all four corners of our dwelling, thrive internally once more?

We shall see, dear Sofa. We shall see…


What the Dog Destroys, the Cat Employs

Sparkling Sardines: Pet Treats to Beat Heat & Itch!

Sparkling Sardines: Pet Treats to Beat Heat & Itch!

Sparkling Sardines

Pet Food Network StarsWhen Amy Burkert from dropped by to freeload for a month*, competitive shows from the Food Network dominated our television. Deciding to finally put Amy to work, I used her obsession to my advantage. The end result? We became Petfood Network Stars in our very own show minds.

Now, I’m no cook – for myself or my pets – which is why I feed the animals from The Honest Kitchen. I just add warm water and easily serve up a healthy meal. It smells so good, I’m sometimes tempted to serve it for dinner. It is human grade, after all. Still, Amy inspired me to get creative with her.

Check out our easy summertime treat to beat the heat and soothe environmental itch for cats and dogs! We call it…

Sparkle from The Honest Kitchen



Sparkle Herbal Supplement
The Honest Kitchen

Sparkle is an herbal nutritional supplement made with Dandelion Leaf, Rosehips, Burdock Root, Nettle Leaf, and Nutritional Yeast. It is designed to support healthy skin and a shiny coat for both dogs and cats.

We are encouraged that customers of The Honest Kitchen have remarked on it’s anti-inflammatory qualities. That’s the kind of relief our dogs need too.

Through July, save 20% off The Honest Kitchen! It’s their 10th birthday!

Pizza Bites from

Pizza Bites

Pizza Bites are great for dogs with allergies because they contain no wheat, corn or soy and they are made with with all natural, human quality ingredients & baked in small batches at a human grade kitchen in the USA.

Added Bonus

Both companies offer all-natural, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free pet foods. Amy and I don’t even feed ourselves as well as we do our pets. (Just watch us lick artificially colored and flavored orange goo from every one of our fingers after devouring a bag of cheese curls.)


As our video demonstrates, the animals formed some pretty strong opinions about our mad cooking skillz. These Pet Food Network Stars made the cut… for now.


Cook up more pet treats with us in person at BarkWorld Expo, the national social petworking™ conference taking place in Atlanta from October 25-27, 2012. We’ll be making special concoctions for you and your pet’s delight every day. The big mystery: Will we ever graduate to using an oven? Be there to find out!


Enter the Iams Home 4 the Holidays “How I Can Help Pet Adoption” contest by posting a compelling blog post (or YouTube video) about why pet adoption is important to you and how you will utilize what you learn at BarkWorld 2012 to help get more pets adopted. Promote it to your social media community as well as include the link to the post/video in our comment section below.  The more you post and promote the more chances you have to win! Learn more!


* Amy, her husband Rod, and their two dogs didn’t mean to freeload in our basement for a month. Their intent was to freeload in our driveway for a week… until a faulty outlet installation set their Winnebago on fire. We were trying to be accommodating hosts, installing a means for air conditioning in their year-round mobile home. And we really were accommodating hosts… for an additional three weeks during repair.


Amy and I are proud participants in The Honest Kitchen’s Allies Program. I joined because, after dangerous recalls and increased deception about what constitutes “healthy” food in the pet food industry, I finally found a human grade, socially and environmentally conscious dog food company that I can trust my dogs’ life with. While I do receive samples and a discount through the program, I tell everybody I know about The Honest Kitchen because – bottom line – I want them to feel as good about what they feed their dogs as I do.

Bark4Green provides Pizza Bites for the dogs at GoPetFriendly and they also donate them to Dog House Adoptions, a rescue that I co-founded. We feed these treats in abundance because they really are that good! No really. Smell them. They smell awesome and the dogs go nuts for them.