Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving! We Did!


Just before my birthday, I received a message that began:

Victoria - 2011Ellen DeGeneres Wants You to “Adopt” a Turkey This Thanksgiving

Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey project celebrates 25 years of changing the way America thinks about turkeys

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – October 19, 2011 – Who can resist the adorable faces of turkeys gobbling for compassion at Thanksgiving? Not Ellen DeGeneres. That’s why she’s back for the second year in a row to serve as Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project spokesperson, inviting everyone to save, not eat, a turkey this holiday season.

Says DeGeneres: “Did you know that every year between 250 and 300 million turkeys are bred for slaughter in the United States? More than 46 million for Thanksgiving alone. So, this Thanksgiving instead of eating a turkey, please join me in adopting one from Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project and you can give a turkey something to be thankful for.”

For 25 years, the Adopt-A-Turkey Project has put smiles on the faces of both carnivores and vegetarians alike, while providing support for the care of more than 1,000 rescued turkeys and inspiring people everywhere to make more compassionate choices. For a one-time donation of just $30, adopters or a recipient of their choice will receive a special Adopt-A-Turkey certificate complete with color photo of a rescued turkey who resides at one of Farm Sanctuary’s shelters and fun details about their adopted turkey.


Payton - 2011Thanks to my husband, we didn’t just adopt one turkey. We adopted the whole flock! I actually teared up with gratitude. I had just met the kindest, most affection (yes, affectionate!) turkeys at a Thanksliving fundraising event at another farm sanctuary in Woodstock, NY. These birds are absolutely sentient beings with unique personalities and fondness for compassionate humans, not that I ever doubted. I know this is true of the pigs, chickens and cows too.

Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur says “Here at Farm Sanctuary, “we live with turkeys, so we know they are interesting and intelligent and have complex emotional lives like dogs, cats and other animals. Sadly, the meat industry subjects turkeys to intolerable cruelty and treats them like inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities. Fortunately, each one of us can choose not to support this cruelty by adopting a turkey at Thanksgiving instead of eating one.”


Thanksgiving is a grim time for turkeys with horrid housing, rough “milking” of males, artificially inseminating females, and living a miserable life … If you have a heart for these sweet birds, learn more about what your grocery dollars support.


Our flock now includes Skip, who advises prospective adopters “When preparing Thanksgiving dinner, skip the turkey!;” Antoinette, who declares ”Let them eat squash!;” Elizabeth, who demurs “This Thanksgiving, give a turkey the royal treatment;” Victoria, who proclaims ”A holiday feast that’s cruelty-free is one fit for a queen;” Payton, who counsels “In a ton of ways, compassion pays;” Amelinda, who reveals “I’ll be having a happy Thanksgiving, thanks to kind people like you;” and Raphael, who pleads “Picture a more compassionate world. Start with Thanksgiving.”

Sponsored Turkeys


To join Ellen DeGeneres – and me – in starting a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one and to view this year’s “adoptable” turkeys, visit or call the Turkey Adoption Hotline at 1-888-SPONSOR.

25 rescued baby turkeys are now receiving care. When you give a special gift of $50 or more to the Adopt-A-Turkey Project in their honor, you will receive an e-certificate that features these rescued baby turkeys. Your gift helps provide care for innocent farm animals like these babies, and supports all of our work to protect all farm animals.


And now we’re off to wrangle our truly “guilt-free-range” Tofurkey, smashed and buttered potatoes, sweet cranberry sauce, herbed onion stuffing and pumpkin pie. Our thanksgiving won’t be lacking in the least. In fact, it’s so very satisfying to wish the turkeys a wonderful feast as well.

Farm Sanctuary Turkey Feast

Happy Thanksgiving and Compassionate Living for All!

Dog (and Cat) Days of Hairballs

Dog (and Cat) Days of Hairballs

About this time last year, I wrote the following regarding National Hairball Appreciation Day:

Having been celebrated on April 27th since 2006 (or, at least that’s how far back internet records go), and Animal Planet break with tradition and list the 2010 celebration for today (April 30th).

This year, Furminator, a handy tool for stripping out dead pet hair, chose April 29th to celebrate. Shouldn’t we just call it National Hairball Appreciation Week and be done with the confusion?

Whatever the day, the concept remains. Hairballs can be dangerous and proper grooming is an important preventative. Last year, we posted Jed’s giant hairball.

Jed's Nasty Hairball


Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Having feared loss, injury or sickness after my dogs’ recent mis-adventures, what better way to celebrate their health and happiness this Valentine’s Day than with recipes Made out of Love from The Honest Kitchen? (And, because we love having you on our mis-adventures, see the sweet freebies at the bottom of this post – for you and your pet!)

Liver Nibblers


So, who is The Honest Kitchen? Their team prepares meals for your dog or cat using human-grade ingredients and the gentle method of dehydration to remove moisture, not nutrition. Just add water to make fresh daily stews and go! (Read their free e-Book, Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet.)

I adore them because their healthy ingredients are cruelty, hormone and antibiotic free, free-range or line-caught, fair-trade, often organic and never tested on lab animals or genetically-modified. The packaging is a combination of US-made, 100% recycled biodegradable paper and partially post-consumer recycled plastic printed with soy-based inks.  … What’s not to love?


canine quiche

recipe bookMade Out of Love, The Honest Kitchen’s first ever recipe book, is worth a look (aren’t the photographs beautiful?), not to mention a taste – for you and your pet!

As their website says:

Made out of Love is packed with more than 65 recipes of meals and treats that you can prepare for (and some to actually share with) your animal companions. Some recipes include Honest Kitchen products and many are simply made from ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen.


Click & print these free sample recipes:

Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen’s founder and nutritionist, whips up some Valentine Liver Nibblers (pictured at top) in the video below.

If you’d like the print version, visit The Honest Kitchen blog post, “Valentine’s Treats made out of Love” where you’ll also find the recipe for Valentine’s Pup Cakes.

Made out of Love is a terrific addition to your culinary bookshelf and it makes a great gift for any animal lover in your life. See how to get one FREE below.


Enjoy a copy of the Made out of Love recipe book
FREE with purchase of a 4 lb or 10 lb Embark
– now through midnight February 28, 2011.

Books are available at participating resellers and in
The Honest Kitchen Online Shop using coupon code FEB11PCK.

Download the coupon now.

Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!
Wish your furkids lots of love from us.

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Curtis Hill Holiday 2010: You’re Invited!

Curtis Hill Holiday 2010: You’re Invited!

Dearest family and friends,

Shamus-2010.12.15Put on your pajamas, whip up some hot chocolate, and kick back while we spend some special time together. And, if you leave a note below, we can even have a little fireside chat! (There’s a story there about how the tradition of our Christmas tree trunk collection began.)

As we mentioned in our 2009 holiday letter, from now on we’ll forgo traditional cards and share our favorite moments of the season here.

The joy and laughter Tim and I shared making this greeting for you will live on in our hearts and memories forever. For that we thank you and sincerely hope you enjoy it too.

Wishing you many fond memories of years past,
and the making of bright, shiny new ones
in the coming year!

Peace, love and joy to you
this season and always,

Kim and Tim,
Shamus, Emmett, Jackson, Jed
& the birds

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The Weather Outside is Frightful

How many of you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? It sounds like it might be a good week to hunker down and enjoy a warm fire. According to

Nap CatsMessy travel conditions due to brutal cold, snow and episodes of wind will remain a big concern in the West early in the week. Meanwhile, more rounds of rain and snow will also shift into the Plains and Great Lakes through much of Thanksgiving week.

Last week’s snowfall in New York’s Capital Region gave our household a practice run in snuggling. The animals have since geared up (down?) for the seasonal shift, settling in for their long winter nap. Our snoozing, cuddling cats and yawning, stretching dogs prove, once again, that naps can be an exciting adventure.

Wishing you woolly warmth this holiday week and always!

Gremlins in our Midst

Gremlins in our Midst

1975 Kim HauntedAs a young child, I often feared creatures lurking in dark shadows. My bedroom closet ran under the eaves of the roof and into the depths of the attic. Here lived a number of gruesome, horrific beasties – monsters that scared the bejeezus out of me.

My father claimed they were squirrels.

Only the light kept the monsters at bay. After dark, I’d hit the switch, get a running start and leap to the safety of my lace canopy bed. I had to keep my feet away from the edge. This kept the gremlins from dragging me to the underworld by my ankles. Obviously. Each morning proved it so.

Sometimes the wind howled off the murky waters of Lake Erie. The skeleton white branches of the birch would scrape and claw at my window. Or was it the birch? I’d lay in my bed, covers overhead, eyes squinched shut against the darkness as I wished away the demons.

Today I turn 40.  Not much has changed. But with age comes wisdom and I know this to be true. My father was wrong.

The gremlins aren’t squirrels and they are very, very real.