Raise $5000 for Rescue Pets This Week – Just Tweet and Post! #BTC4A

Raise $5000 for Rescue Pets This Week – Just Tweet and Post! #BTC4A

Fund-Free Fundraiser

For every tweet and blog post featuring the #BTC4A hashtag (short for Be the Change for Animals) from October 22-27, Petco will donate $1 for rescue pets – up to $5000 – at BarkWorld!

This is one of those topics that gets me right here. Pictured above is Trex. He’s one of our adoptable dogs at Dog House Adoptions, one of roughly 30 who we’ve offered shelter from the streets in Rensselaer County, NY since our founding 6 months ago.

I know, first hand, how much small, local rescue does on-the-ground in communities like yours and mine. I also understand that general donations are the most helpful means of spaying, neutering, giving vaccinations, heartworm testing, and treating injuries or illness. Yes, I had a hand in creating this fundraiser based on this very knowledge. Why not make these goals as easily attainable as possible?

Trex was neutered last month, and he’s ready for his new home. His story can be the story of many other rescued pets with your help. It’s so easy!


  • Tweet this now through Saturday, October 27th at 11 AM (EST) :

Rescue pets receive $1 from @Petco at @BarkWorldExpo for each #BTC4A tweet from Oct 22-27! Learn more: http://ht.ly/eEls7

  • Blog about what rescue means to you, now through Saturday, October 27th at 11 AM (EST). Add #BTC4A to your post title. Add your post link (not just your domain) to the blog hop list below to be counted. Bonus: Each time your post is tweeted, you’ll earn more money for rescue pets!
  • Nominate your favorite no-kill 501(c)3 rescue or shelter at the Petco booth through Friday, October 26th! (BarkWorld Attendees only.)

Why It Matters

Animal organizations need funds for food, vaccinations, spays, neuters, treatment of injuries and illness – expenses that adoption fees don’t fully cover. General donations allow an organization to address their most pressing needs. Together, we can raise $5000 to assist local, no-kill rescues and shelters!

We animal lovers at Be the Change for Animals, BarkWorld, Petco, and Two Little Cavaliers believe that helping rescue pets is important. We know you do too. Make the difference. Be, Blog and Tweet the Change for Animals!

The BIG WINNERS will be announced this weekend during BarkWorld’s Petco session on Saturday!

You DO NOT need to attend BarkWorld to participate.
Simply tweet or post and help us raise $5,000!
We’ll let you know who wins, right here!! 

BarkWorld  Petco
BtC4Animals     Two Little Cavaliers

My Cat Went Viral in Russia Last Night!?!

My Cat Went Viral in Russia Last Night!?!


Today, I woke to a message on a silly YouTube video of my cat, Jed, posted back in 2010 called “Cat Turns Treat Monster.” The note simply said, “So many people were brought here by ThisIsHorosho.”  It was the only recent comment – of many – in English, other than one that says “Russian Invasion!”

Having seen traffic from known sources like The Huffington Post, Cesar’s Way, and I Can Has Cheeseburger, I wondered who this Horosho person was. A quick Google/Wiki search (and a poor English to Russian translation) later, I learned a few things.

First, here’s the clip. Tim and I couldn’t stop laughing, even without a translation. I love that our Jed made the lead image even though he’s the third act of the show. Head to 2:38 for just our bit.


Stas DavidovThis is Horosho (“This is Great!”), hosted by Stas Davidov, airs on YouTube every Tuesday and Friday with nearly 1 million subscribers and 324+ million video views to date. Yesterday, Jed was one of three animals featured in episode #161. It already has 391,505 views – in a single day. And Stas put a direct link to my voracious little kitten from YouTube. Thanks, Stas! I’m sure glad I monetized THAT one.

What’s it all mean?

Oddly enough, I found a translation at LYBIO.net:

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov.
Today’s vids are all gonna be about animals.
I’m sorry, dear asian porno lovers.
Because internet people prefer animal videos or videos of people getting hurt. …

Imagine that it’s not a cat but you! And your mom is taking away your controller.
[c’mon mom, one last round!]


Or a cop when there’s no bribe coming
[lemme see some ID, Mr. Washington]


Or an apple fanboy on the first day of iPhone5 sales.
[zomg! 1,7mm thinner!!!]


And next to him there’s the user of other mobile phones.
[hmm, new iPhone]
[time to eat]


Thanks, Stas! Happy Saturday! That was WAY fun!

You can find the full transcription at Lybio.net, an awesome video translation resource.



If you’re curious, here’s my original video.
Nearly 825,000 cat lovers (or just plain humor fans) have seen it.
Have you?

BarkWorld Expo, Here I come! So Should YOU!

BarkWorld Expo, Here I come! So Should YOU!

BarkWorld Expo 2012

Hotel’s booked.
Flights confirmed.
I’m off to BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta in October!

You’re coming too, right?
Think fast for the best deal.
The $129.00 early rate expires August 18th.


Get details here! Your flight, hotel for 3 nights, transportation, and conference pass for you and your dog could be covered by Iams. Just write a 250 word blog – or submit a video – about why you want to attend! Contest ends August 17th.


Learn what’s possible on the web as it relates to you, your pet and your business at The National Pet Social Media Conference – BarkWorld Expo. Be inspired, network and elevate your social “petworking” skills. Whether you’re an average pet owner or a blogger, you’ll be amazed with the information you’ll walk away with, including a roadmap for business you can put into effect immediately.

Established in 2009, the BarkWorld Conference & Expo is the only pet social media conference covering social media, lifestyle and technology as it relates to pet owners and businesses. The 2012 annual conference will focus on many topics, including: photography, podcasting, blog & monetization, mobile applications and technology startups.

Innovative ways to use social media in the animal niche abound! Joining more than 300 pet-loving bloggers and social media pet-repreneurs, the social media geek in me is eager to hear Keynotes from the fine folks behind Twitter, the ASPCA, Meetup.com and the HBO Documentary Madonna of the Mills. And then there are the …

Pet Lifestyle and Social Media Sessions:
  •  What’s Super Healthy & Has 6 Leg
  • Agility, Your Dog & Social Media
  • Digital Scrapbooking for Pet Lovers
  • From Modern Cat to Dog Milk; Inspiration for the Stay-at-Home Pet
  • Google+, Pinterest


I’ll be speaking, too, about ways to build online relationships to benefit a cause and the tools that make that possible. Explor ways to use social media for social good! Have questions on that? Comment below and I’ll incorporate answers into my presentation (sponsored by Iams).

And, when I’m not making delectable, healthy pet treats for you from The Honest Kitchen on the Expo floor, I’ll be hitting up many of the fun and unique features this conference has to offer. There are plenty of sessions to get you started if you’re new to social media and blogging and there’s plenty for those already in the know who want to learn more.


  • Speed Dating for brands & bloggers – back with new brands!
  • Advance workshops & sessions
  • A special Sunday tour of the Georgia Aquarium for 10 social influencers
  • Interactive Game: How Much is Your Tweet Worth?


  • Dog Yoga & Morning Stretches With Your Dog
  • A Charity HOWL-O-Ween Costume Party & Contest with Celebrity Judges, a Photo Booth, Red Carpet, & Prizes
  • Themed Block Parties with brands like: Iams, Eukanuba, PetCareRX.com, Nutrish, and Petco
  • Cooking demonstrations from The Honest Kitchen
  • Scavenger Hunt for Prizes, like an Apple iPad, The Sims Pets video game, Petco Gift Cards, pet-related books, & more!



Petties Finalist: Honored, Humbled & Declining

Petties Finalist: Honored, Humbled & Declining


When I first learned that This One Wild Life was a finalist in the esteemed DogTime Media 2012 Pet Blog Awards, I was between my grandmother’s memorial in New York and off to Colorado for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday.

Preparing photo books, slideshows, travel preparations and pet care, we also had unexpected house guests – for a month –after we blew up Amy and Rod Burkert’s GoPetFriendly mobile home and office with a faulty electrical outlet.

In the midst of these things and many more, I hadn’t updated the blog since mid-March. I had to ask. How did This One Wild Life get nominated for best use of social media?


To those who extended this kindness to me, I am honored and humbled.  You make me miss and want to come back to this valuable space. Plans are in the works already and I have you to thank for my new motivation.


This One Wild Life typically integrates my interests in global change for all animals at  Be the Change for Animals and our new local dog rescue at Dog House Adoptions. These individual projects – not This One Wild Life – have been competing for my time as of late.

Had the nomination been for a  specific person using social media, not in relation to a particular blog, I might feel differently thanks to my combined efforts at BTC and DHA. That is not the case. (Nor is our rescue eligible for DogTime donations. While a registered New York State non-profit,  the IRS is backlogged by at least 6 months in approving 501(c)3 status nationwide.)  OUR 501(c)3 STATUS WAS JUST APPROVED!


Hard working folks like Stephanie from Catsparella have been working day in and out to share informative and entertaining content through every social media channel possible. My vote goes to her and others in every other category who share her work ethic.


Vote through July 31st, 2012 at http://petties.dogtime.com. Winners will be announced in an online ceremony broadcast on Friday, September 7, 2012 at 3pm PST. Each winning blogger will be awarded with a $1,000 donation to the non-profit animal shelter or rescue of their choice!


Starting July 23, 2012 DogTime’s Petties will open nominations for the DogTime Media Shelter Volunteer of the Year award. This award is to honor one of the many unsung heroes whose dedication to the animal community has helped save countless homeless dogs and cats. The winner will be chosen by DogTime Media and will be announced at the Petties Award Ceremony in September. The winner receives a Petties trophy and a $10,000 donation from DogTime Media to the non-profit 501c3 rescue/shelter of their choice. This one, too, is so worth your vote.

Bloggers, Readers, Unite for Dog Rescue on July 23!

Bloggers, Readers, Unite for Dog Rescue on July 23!

Rescue Me

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

Let’s help homeless dogs find rescue volunteers, foster families, sponsors, and loving homes. Spread the word about the importance of dog rescue on July 23!

Not a blogger? Leave a comment on your favorite posts and share article links on your favorite social media networks!


Let’s do more than talk about the millions of beautiful, healthy dogs put down each year due to overcrowding in shelters. Let’s inspire people to feel good about being involved with rescue, in whatever capacity they so choose.

  • Tell a beautiful story about a simple volunteer experience or a dog you’ve personally fostered or rescued.
  • Write about a dog whose life is positively changed thanks to even the smallest bit of human intervention.
  • Share how a rescue dog has positively impacted his or her human.

Most people are aware that a overpopulation problem exists, but they can’t see themselves as part of the solution.  We all know that hands-on help is most needed, so add an easy call to action. Baby steps are fine.

If answering phones at a local rescue makes somebody fall in love with a furry friend, we can applaud one more dog saved through a meaningful connection and the addition of one more rescue advocate to our community. Because there can never be enough of either.


Thanks to Blog CatalogDog Rescue Success, and Be the Change for Animals for promoting this event. (click their links for more on how to participate.) And thanks to everyone who plans to take part. See you then!


Going Dark to Protest Overreaching Internet Regulation

Going Dark to Protest Overreaching Internet Regulation

Stop SOPA Stop PIPAOn January 18th, 2012 the internet is going on strike to stop two web censorship bills in Congress: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Leading websites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and BoingBoing will go dark tomorrow in protest, and we join them. Whether you have a website or simply like to read them, you’ll want to take part, too.


Two laws, hastily proposed in the name of protecting copyright holders, will more likely enable censorship by US corporations and the U.S. government, undermining the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution.