Fido Friendly CoverWe got word on Friday that our cats will be published in issue 47 (Jan/Feb) of FIDO Friendly Magazine!

What? Cats in a DOG magazine? Well, the 150 word story explaining how our cats were introduced to our dogs is what made the grade. Leave it to Jed and Jackson to sneak into a dog publication on the coat tails of the Newf and hound.

How did we do it? We answered this FIDO Friendly blog post, “Just how do you introduce a new cat to an existing dog household??? Slow and steady for sure, but we need reader input.”

It was so easy. We just followed the rules and told our story!


You can enter FIDO Friendly contests too. There are plenty to choose from. In fact, FIDO Friendly’s blog has an entire category dedicated to them. The next is The FIDO Friendly Halloween Photo Costume Contest: Many Prizes And Winners.And really, this gorgeous magazine about all-things-dog has the best prize jackpot around.

Okay, so this part is about us…

As if publication weren’t enough, and it would have been, check out all the bling we get. SCORE!

Fido Friendly Bling

Here’s what’s included:

  • A personalized charm from Pedigree Tazzels (valued up to $99) from
    (Aren’t these pretty!)
  • A 2-pound box of Prowl food for your kitty from The Honest Kitchen
    (I already love, love love The Honest Kitchen.)
  • A pet protection charm courtesy of
    (Maybe this will stop our hound from dragging the Newf by his ears.)
  • A Fisher Price dog toy
    (because they really are just children at heart)
  • A medium Good Cuz  from JW Pet Company, Inc.
    (It’s that awesome, funky red rubber ball with feet!)
  • Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore DVD from
    (I’m guessing our cats can star in the sequel.)
  • Carnivore Kisses treats from Stella and Chewy’s
    (Right up my alley with no fillers, hormones, etc.)
  • Resolve(R) Pet Deep Clean Pet Powder with Odor-Stop(TM) Technology AND Resolve(R) Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner with Odor-Stop(TM)Technology. (Yay! Say no more.)
  • The Starchaser Motion activated LED ball – catnip included
    (I’m sensing a new video here)
  • Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Balls from Planet Dog
    (This earns 5 out of 5 chompers, the highest durability rating on Planet Dog’s chew-o-meter scale. Woot!)
  • A Lupine® collar and lead of my choosing
    (Jed just chewed his collar in half – perfect timing!)
  • Salmon Paws: 100% Alaskan Salmon Premium Pet Treats
    (These won’t last long.)
  • One 7lb bag of Worlds Best Cat Litter
    (Because they deserve only the best!)
  • and a SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp cat toy
    (I’m betting the dogs kill this before the cats even have a chance.)

The dogs are watching for the mailman already. And they thought he was cool for handing them the occasional biscuit…