Did you know that today, Tuesday, August 30th, is National Holistic Pet Day?

Say what? No really. And if you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. 90% of the more than 700 pet owners Halo, Purely for Pets natural pet food surveyed hadn’t either! And Halo wants to change that.

National Holistic Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige of the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network to “celebrate and promote all the things we do (or should do) to take care of our pets’ bodies, minds and souls.” Today is also the perfect time to think about how we live within the context of our broader pet community. Halo plans to help Colleen lead the charge in raising awareness on this important day and throughout the year. And we’re completely on board!


To get a grip on what others are doing, data was collected this week from 700 pet parents to find out what they do to live holistically with their pet and what they’d like to do. (Out of the 700 respondents, 74.8% have dogs and 57.7% have cats).

Poll Results:

  • 78.7% of pet owners surveyed exercise their pets regularly
  • 2.1% take their dog for Doga (Dog+Yoga!)
  • 26.2% learn about holistic living at their local pet food or natural food store
  • 59.5% use non-toxic household products
  • 48.9% use natural supplements for skin, coat or digestive care
  • 43.7% take their pets for regular dental check ups
  • 54.8% play mind stimulating activities and games with their pets
  • 5.7% take their pets for acupuncture
  • 44.8% help a local rescue or shelter
  • 47.6% use all natural shampoo and grooming products

Here’s what these passionate pet parents plan to do to celebrate National Holistic Pet Day (now that they know it exists!)

  • 38.1% plan to switch to all natural pet food
  • 57.9% committed to getting their pet regular exercise
  • 13.1% would like to try Doga
  • 33.8% will visit their local pet food or natural food store to learn more
  • 50.7% plan to start avoiding ingredients prohibited for humans (such as chicken meal)
  • 38.5% plan to switch to non-toxic household products
  • 42.5 would like to try mind-stimulating games with their dog and/or cat
  • 8% would like to try acupuncture
  • 31.2% will switch to an all-natural shampoo or grooming product

Want to get involved? Dr. Donna Spector, HALO’s consulting vet and frequent guest on the Ellen Show, offers 10 ways to celebrate National Holistic Pet Day – from feeding an all natural food (naturally!) to regular dental care (as you know, extremely important) to living chemical free. You can check that out here:


When it comes to our cats, dogs and birds, we keep their bodies in tip top shape with all natural food from The Honest Kitchen mixed with kibble like Halo (dogs), Wellness (cats) and Lafeber (birds). We also provide the dogs with a half-acre fenced dog yard for exercise with us and each other, I make my own cleaning supplies from dilute vinegar and water to keep chemicals at bay, and we have a fantastic relationship with our vet. Our pets’ minds are stimulated with games, fun snacks, adventure classes, and each others’ antics. And their souls are satiated with lots of love, laughter, patience and happy interactions. (Except for those times, like when talking to my father recently, I yell, “GET DOWN, NOW!” just as the cat knocks a potted plant behind the stove.)

In support of the pet community (which doesn’t seem to be polled here) we spend time educating pet owners about important topics – in person and through this blog. Tim spent 15 years giving back through hands-on dog rescue and all our pets are rescues (the failed foster included) but for one bird who was purchased for a grieving widow bird when no rescues were available. I also run to reach to a broader community in order to have a positive impact on all animals in need.


Can you share the ways in which you already holistically take part? Have you any plans to try something new after reading about