Jed on the TableChaos. It’s inevitable. We simply cannot be in control of every moment of every day.

A perfect example? My cats, Jackson and Jed, sleep on me while I work unless they find something interesting to do. “Interesting” typically means “trouble.”

J & J have been known to steal and eat a bag of egg noodles, chocolate chip cookies, and other valuable finds. They stir up bird feathers, eat them and throw up, dangle from the loft, tear open bags of dog food and free feed the entire pet family …

One quiet and catless day, I asked myself, “What could they be into now?” This video was my answer. (Rest assured, the recycling bag was intact that morning.)


Chaos also escorted me home from a pet blogger conference in Denver yesterday. The moment the airport security guard rushed me through, I grabbed my bag without bracing. That’s when I felt it. That recently healed spinal injury? Yeah. BAM.

Thankfully, I was in good hands. A kind gentleman placed my bag in the overhead. The kind woman next to me offered Ibuprofen with a serving of kidnapping survival tips. (She was from the FBI.) And I carefully navigated my way home.

My husband, Tim, arrived home before me, whisked away my bags and made dinner. He picked up the animals from the kennel on the way  from camping. My hero. Cats naughtily flew onto counters. Dogs jumped up and wrestled. Birds squawked. This is the kind of chaos I love. I was truly home.

Then came Tim’s bad news. “Internet’s out.” Crap.

They couldn’t test the line today because our generator install required a 4 hour power cut. The install then got pushed to Wednesday. I’ve downed 4 Ibuprofen to ease the lugging of my my laptop to Panera. Working from there, I ran out the 30 minute free internet limit and am now at Starbucks. I need a fire hydrant, I drank so much tea in trade for free wireless.

Did I mention that my dog scaled a 6 foot fence while we were away? He doesn’t look injured and I think all the animals are just happy to be home from the kennel. I’d like to join them them at some point but, alas, a meeting … and the Ibuprofen is wearing off.