How many of us have had dogs with cancer or have known dogs with cancer? I’m guessing most of us have. 1 in 3 dogs get it and early detection is critical for both the treatment and the comfort of your pet. But we aren’t doctors, so how do we know?

Thanks to this reminder from The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM), my animals are getting an overall body massage today. It’s the perfect way for me to recognize their individual nooks and crannies and gather  baseline information while they are healthy. If anything changes in the future, I’ll know to have them looked at by a veterinary professional.

Chase Away K9 Cancer

So you missed the 14th?  Having first seen this campaign today, I did too. No worries. Start today and set a monthly date you remember, no matter what it is. Your dogs (and cats) will love the spa treatment and it could save your best friend’s life. Spread the word!

Thanks to Kelly Kaliszewski from for sharing!