Kenya Red Cross personnel are doing all they can to tend to injured Kenyans, carry out the dead, and feed the displaced. Issuing an appeal for assistance in order to provide for the projected 500,000 people over the course of one month, they require Ksh 957,127,906 ($15.4 million US).

If you can, please

The following video footage is provided courtesy of Kenya Red Cross:

1st January 2008
Eldoret, Burnt Forest and surrounding areas in Rift Valley Province
Arial views of the masses congregating for shelter and safety, burning and smoldering destruction and multiple road blocks, clinical treatment of the injured, a much needed pep talk?for Kenya Red Cross field workers, and a survey of the region

6th January 2008
Evacuating the injured during the disturbances
People moan and mourn in the streets as the KRCS carries out of the dead and tends to the injurred in Kibera and Mathare Slums, Nairobi. Hear the KRCS appeal for assistance and report of progress.

8th January 2008
Relief distribution and brief interviews
United Nations and other agencies are coming together to assist. Volunteers help to provide hunger relief to the affected people with donated provisions.