Balloon BoysAnd they LOVE it.

Tim brought our cats a new birthday present. It’s called Da Bird and, as you can see, the boys jump for joy over it – for hours – actively patrolling the air space even after Da Bird is put away. In fact, this is so much fun to play with, I can’t stop laughing and even the dogs get involved!

Birthday Party Shanaigans

With our (I mean the cats’) new toy in hand, our whole family has fired up the party machine. If you decide to try this at home, spacial awareness is key. I think, during our learning curve, we’ve launched our cats into walls, doors and the potted plant on more than one occasion.

Da Bird

 Da Bird on Amazon (affiliate link)

What’s with the smelly, flighty, birdy goodness?

Da Bird’s feathers, which appear to be pheasant, are extremely tantalizing to our cats’ keen sense of smell. No other toy attracts them like this. Curving outward, the feathers connect to the string at an angle specifically designed for simulated flight. The cheaper died-pink versions don’t fly as well and Da Bird has that stinky cat appeal the other’s don’t.

Yes, it actually spins, sounds and smells like a bird (until the cats catch and chew it to oblivion). And that’s the beautiful thing. The company sells replacement parts!

Can’t find one in your pet store? Da Bird is available on (affiliate link). Let us know if you enjoy this toy as much we do… I mean as much as our cats do!

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