Paul Newman the White Basset Hound“Dear Dog, I Love You” is a short, romantic comedy about a guy who thinks his dog can talk, and it stars a very special rescued dog named Paul Newman. It’s hard to believe this gorgeous, talented white Basset Hound with such stunning, ice-blue eyes was found tied up and starved in an abandoned garage just a few years ago.

What sounds like the makings of a Halloween horror film has since become the role treasured pet for Paul Newman, both on the silver screen and in real life. He was rescued by Suzanne Fitch of Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, where he was matched with his trainer and caretaker, Karen Wells. He is now a therapy dog, has shot a commercial for Google and other projects, and, in the spirit of giving back, half of Newman’s earnings are shared with Basset Rescue. You can learn more about Paul Newman’s adventurous life behind the scenes at

UPDATE: New video of Paul Newman and Karen Wells…


Newman fit the bill for filmmaker, Jed Cowley, who, throughout his childhood, had a secret hope that his dog could talk. Crowley says of “Dear Dog, I Love You:”

Jed CowleyThis awkward love story is about Dudley, a bored and communication-inhibited man in his mid 30s. One day, in the attempt to end his own life, he thinks he hears his white basset hound, Maximo, tell him he shouldn’t go through with it. Stunned and rejuvenated with a new and exciting purpose in life, Dudley tries to get his dog to talk again.  But, he must go to uncomfortable lengths to accomplish this, namely, talking to a girl.

See for yourself why this project is so adorable, and why it deserves our support.


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Please visit the “Dear Dog, I Love You” Kickstarter Campaign and contribute what you can – even if that means $2.

My favorite donation amount is $33. This is what I contributed, earning a “Thank You” credit in the finished film’s credits, a “Thanks, friend” video from one of the film’s characters, Brenden. (Cowley assures that you want Brenden’s approval), and a professional DVD, including special features with behind the scenes footage, once it has finished it’s festival circuit run.

PLEASE NOTE: On Kickstarter, a project only receives pledged donations if the ultimate goal is reached.  Cowley has set a goal of $3000 and has until Tuesday, September 6th, 2011, to raise funding for sound designers, sound editors, composers, and other important post-production materials. Cowley set this lower limit to ensure reaching his goal but mentions, “We definitely need more than this, so even if we’re above our goal, please don’t hesitate to donate!”

Can’t donate money? Don’t underestimate the power of spreading the “Dear Dog, I Love You” word through blogs, tweets, facebook, or your choice of social media.


Jed says this of his project and plan:

Because of [Paul Newman’s] amazing story, we think this is a great opportunity to draw attention to the animal rescue community.  Once we finish our film, we hope to share it with shelters and the rescue community in hopes that some of the proceeds made from the film can help take care of dogs in need.

We who are savvy about rescue know all-too-well that public perception needs a significant shift. If we each offer a little help, this film can help to make that happen. I, for one, would love to see this project come to fruition.


If the trailer above hasn’t already sold you, Cowley’s filmmaking successes include an award-winning commercial for the Utah Film Commission and a short film, The Loss of a Wrestling Match, an official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Currently, he resides in New York City where he continues to be skeptical of dogs and their talking abilities while he pursues an MFA at Columbia University in film directing. Besides that, he’s a pretty likable guy with a terrific sense of humor.

Thanks for considering a donation!