It’s official. I bought my ticket to Ghana.
My happy dance scared the dog.

This happened on Tuesday. Wednesday was spent ironing out travel insurance. And today I’m faced with how to handle the blog.

This space has been dedicated to Kenya from the start. The name Alfajiri is a Swahili word. The banner and almost all my posts have been central to this particular country and I’ve been somewhat struggling with how to transition.

I looked up words in Twi, one of the many languages of Ghana, for a new title. Still, I like my original title. I made a new banner reading “Destination Ghana.” Once uploaded, I felt a strange sense of abandonment for all that had come before, as if I’m cheating on my Kenyan dream. Today I took the banner down. It wasn’t until I considered the bigger picture that I found a solution.

I have been so fortunate to have the resources to become increasingly more aware and interested in the entire African continent, not just one country. My interests (not to be mistaken for full-blown knowledge) have extended to a wide variety of cultures, politics and histories. I thought of my favorite bumper sticker, “I love my country but I think we should start seeing other people,” and decided to broaden my focus from the literal journey between two nations to the journey that has been more internal and emotional thus far…

So, I welcome you now to “Destination Africa!” …some day to read “Destination World!”