Consider this an application add-on to my Baudrillard post below.

According to the Yahoo article, “BBC, Geldof join forces to draw up a map of mankind,” Bob Geldof says:

This will be an A to Z of Mankind, which will catalogue the world we live in now, the people who share this planet, the way we live and the way we adapt to face common and different challenges. Mankind is the world’s most extraordinary animal.

So, after reading Baudrillard, does anybody else feel doomed by the Dictionary of Mankind? (Does this include or exclude womankind?) I imagine our final headline EVER to read:

“Rocker Bob Geldof, founder of Live Aid and promoter of general well being, studies and catalogues mankind into hyperreality with his new hack-stab science.”

I’m just saying.

Note to self: Never theorize over morning coffee before the caffeine takes hold.