Remember when I said I needed supplies? Well, I sent out a little email with a list about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, after packing just half of the donations received along with my own supplies, I nearly toppled over trying to lift my bag. How am I going to sling this thing on a bus when I leave Accra? Just hours after asking myself this question, I received a check in the mail that would afford a second rolling duffle to redistribute the weight and cover the extra airline fee. Can you believe it? The universe has finally aligned in the name of a greater good! (Sounds nice, right? Just don’t ask how it so thoroughly screwed up my vaccination schedule.)

Today, when lunching with a friend who added to the collection, I was overcome with emotion at the outpouring of support from so many people. Yeah, I got all teary eyed and forced myself to breathe before I had a public meltdown. I’m SUCH a baby. But really, this list is incredible… If only you could see it all in person!

School Supplies

5 Webster’s International Dictionary Notebooks
700 sheets loose leaf paper
12 72 page writing pads
688 pencils
35 pencil sharpeners
20 pencil-top erasers
24 large rubber erasers
100 chalk sticks
2 chalkboard erasers
1 bag sidewalk and board chalk
184 pens
24 assorted highlighters
24 rulers
48 name tags
1 solar calculator
1 booklet of reward stickers


TopReaders Stage 1 : Wild Places
TopReaders Stage 1 : Wild Plants
TopReaders Stage 2 : Jungle Life
TopReaders Stage 2 : Things with Wings
TopReaders Stage 3 : Earth’s Surface
TopReaders Stage 3 : Lizards
Magic Tree House Series #6: Afternoon on the Amazon
Magic Tree House Series #26: Good Morning, Gorillas
Flash Cards: Numbers
Flash Cards: Sight Words
Flash Cards: Alphabet Fun
Flash Cards: Addition
The Little Ballerinas
Learning to Read with Clifford
1 Oxford Dictionary/Thesaurus
1 Eats, Shoots and Leaves (English Grammar Guide)

Puzzles and Games

Alphabet wooden puzzle
Jungle Animals wooden puzzle
Sea creatures wooden puzzle
Noah’s Arc wooden puzzle
Madeline puzzle
Kittens puzzle
Totally Horses 6 different Jigsaws Book
Nemo Memory Game
2 decks of cards
2 Pick Up Sticks
1 Connect Four (travel size)

Craft Supplies

48 Adult toothbrushes
12 children’s toothbrushes w/ caps
72 Colgate trial size toothpaste (.75 oz.)
8 Crest toothpaste (6.4 oz.)
1 Colgate Toothpaste (6.4 oz.)
4 mint wax dental floss
1 Listerine to sterilize toothbrushes


12 mini mag flashlights (AA batteries, extra bulbs and belt holsters included)
1 small bottle bleach to sterilize bath water
2.5 gallon solar shower
2 small sewing kits
9 emery boards
10 nail clippers
Cash donations to cover overweight baggage fee

1 giant rolling duffle (in addition to my own) to transport all supplies – The new bag will be donated to village to transport clinic, school or library items by foot.

Teaching wardrobe: the required skirts, blouses and dresses which will be donated to village women and young girls when I leave


My infinite gratitude goes out to all the amazing folks who helped create this list so far:

My darling husband, Tim, for all those long hours he’s worked to pay for my airfare, village fee, vaccinations, gear and supplies
Peg, Phil, PJ, Andrew, Nick and Jack
Rich and the winged things
Andrea, Dirk, Sidney and Lindsay
Jeanne, Diane and the rest of the bunch
Mo, Dan, Kaitlyn and Jenna
Nan and Tono
Frank and Melanie
Cliff and Suzie
Erin and Roger
Philip, Aleida and Theophilus
Bob, Nina and Ilana (Your note was much appreciated!)
Dawn, Philip and Nathan
Lisa, Thomas, Mina and Bela
Michael and Lauryn
Catherine and her dentist
Paula, Jim, Zach, Alex and Lightning

Aside from having reached the Airline’s weight threshold fee for at least one of the bags, I don’t need the bathroom scale to know that I’ve certainly exceeded my personal strength threshold. With two giant L.L. Bean duffels and a back pack, I can carry no more – even with wheels. What’s that? You say you didn’t get to partake in time? Hark! Do not fret!

You Can Still Help

If you would still like to participate, please send further donations to Village Volunteers and ask to support EDYM, the NGO that is hosting my stay. Village Volunteers will absorb the cost of wiring the funds and 100% will go toward the project you designate. Your gift is tax deductible and the Federal Tax ID is at the Village Volunteers link above.

Again, Gracias…mucho.
Sorry. I can’t speak much Ewe (said Ay-way) yet.