The impact of a trip I have yet to take is growing in ways I had never imagined. As my dear friend Robin said in her latest email:

I’m telling all my girls at work about my baby sister’s newest mountain she’s climbing. They had no idea women went to anywhere to help other women do anything!! We are still so ignorant of current events here in Buffalo, but you have lots of emotional support and a bit of envy on behalf of these gals… rooting for you and your courage and determination.

With this note I’ve realized that, while going to Africa is in some ways my own selfish adventure, the impact has moved far beyond myself and, in fact, has very little to do with me. If Robin already told several people what she has learned from me, and those women are moved by what they have learned, the positive effects are immeasurably far reaching. This is profoundly powerful and, well, amazingly wonderful.