Emmett's Fido FleeceJust before Christmas, Emmett was offered a brand new coat, free for review, from FidoFleece.com. This doggy fleece did not disappoint, earning all paws up in this household. Emmett wears his festive McDawg print proudly.

I love the simple construction, stylish designs (15 in all – 3 of which are brand new), and ease of use with the single velcro strip up the back.  Because Fido Fleece is sized by both girth and length, offered in 15 sizes for the perfect fit, there is no room for drafts. Most of all, I love that Fido Fleece keeps Emmett’s chest and underside warm, unlike his previous coat.

Watch video of Emmett wearing last year’s coat as compared with this year’s Fido Fleece. The difference in fit, comfort and Emmett’s confidence is palpable. See for yourself. Even our cat approves.

Emmett abhores having his toes touched so we had some work to do before he willingly put his feet through the arm holes. If your dog has this issue too,  this worked for us and was far easier than anticipated.

  • Day 1  & 2: I put one leg in, gave Emmett a treat and took the coat right back off. Then he went on his walk, coat-free.
  • Day 2 & 3: We switched feet.
  • Day 4:  Both feet were in, and the coat went on with ease! Emmett had learned to associate the coat, treats and walks, in that order. Now coat means walk, which is treat enough.

Fido FleeceQUICK TIP
If ordering Fido Fleece for your dog, measure girth most accurately. Emmett wiggled and rolled as I tried to get a string around his widest point. He could certainly use a bigger size, or a diet. (I jest! I jest! He’s giving me the stink eye.)

I’m tempted to try the adorable Preppy Puppy Plaid hoping it camouflages Emmett’s never-ending shedding. If I do, I’ll keep you posted on the bigger size and stylish look. There are matching footies available too! (I can’t imagine  training for those, but I bet we’d get through it.)

Have you tried Fido Fleece? Leave a comment and share your opinion. I’d love to hear it!

NOTE: I was not paid to review this product. The opinions expressed herein are my honest assessment based on observation and personal experience using the free sample I received.