Georgia DogBlog the Change for Animals is happening right here, right now. This event asks us to make a fresh personal commitment to the lives of animals in need and to inspire others to do the same.

My goal, by focusing on one old gal in particular, is to celebrate the capacity for love in adoptable senior dogs.  Meet Georgia, a delightful mixed breed with a special gift for making people smile. Yes, dogs are typically notorious for this, but Georgia has always gone above and beyond, perhaps to reward those who have given her a second, third and even fourth chance.

Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Georgia was rescued, transported from Georgia to New York and cared for by the dedicated volunteers at Her story is one of struggle, uncertainty, and a long journey to improved emotional and physical well being. It took a devoted team of people to help Georgia face difficult challenges over time. Only through their intervention and strong commitment did she eventually find her way into a loving home.

I invite you to follow Georgia’s full story starting Monday. You’ll hear first-hand throughout the week from Georgia’s biggest supporters as they talk about rescue, foster and adoption obstacles now overcome. From a collection of articles, photo essays and a video interview collected in previous weeks, you’ll see how Georgia has repaid each of her people in the best way possible, bringing smile after smile filled with love.

Please join us Monday and learn why adopting and elder dog is so very rewarding.