MoxiePaws ChristineWelcome to an exciting first for This One Wild Life. While I love my blog, I think it’s time we start seeing other people – and their pets.

Today I feature Christine Koretz of Moxie Paws, a blogger chock full of useful information about animal wellness and welfare. I’m grateful for our connection and want to share Christine’s spirit, story and website with you.


Christine’s primary reason for writing at Moxie Paws is to raise awareness for the ongoing need for rescue, adoptions and spay/neutering. Her mission is two-fold: to demonstrate how simple it is to help animals in need and remind us that all animals, domesticated and wild, are a tremendous gift. She says,  I started blogging about animals so I could be their advocate, a voice for the bark and meow less. And that she is.

When I asked Christine to describe the most rewarding/odd/ridiculous/unbelievable thing that has happened since blogging about pet care, she answered:

moxiepaws logoThe most rewarding thing is the positive feedback I get from people and, for selfish reasons, how good I feel championing animal rights. I haven’t come to odd, ridiculous or unbelievable yet. But I look forward to it!


Christine’s inspiration is Miss Mia (or The Princess), a 10-year-old Calico rescue. Mia is the sole cat in her household and Christine assures me, She wouldn’t have it any other way. Apparently Mia isn’t fond of other animals encroaching on her turf, but her love for people is another story. In fact, she’s quite a charmer.

Rescued from a hoarding situation, Mia was moved to the Marblehead Animal Shelter in MA. There, she wrapped herself around the heart of a volunteer named Sue and, not long after, moved herself into Sue’s home. When Sue’s boyfriend (now husband) moved in with his rescue dog, Mia wandered over to Christine’s abode and charmed her way into that household too. Christine and Mia are family, as they have remained since Sue moved away, and Christine says:

She pretty much owns me. Being a “swingin” (hardly) single (right now), Miss Mia is my compadre, my partner in crime. At this writing, it is the full moon and she is driving me bonkers, but I love her unconditionally. The Princess is very calming as well though, too. Our love has been a life lesson and translates into other aspects of my life.

Christine hopes that this love is apparent in her writing and that it can influence others to take notice as well as action.


Christine can be found at Moxie Paws, on Twitter and Facebook. She and I will also be at the next BlogPaws Convention in Denver, September 9-11. Don’t be shy. Say hello and tell her This One Wild Life sent you!