Help Joey - OuttakesHelp Joey Stop Animal Sex – The Contest

If you missed Help Joey Stop Animal Sex – The Contest check it out. You have until 11:59 Saturday 1/22/11 to share a comment on that post (not here). If Joey likes your silliest solution to stop unspayed and unneutered pets from having sex, you’ll win a super-stylish Help Joey shirt! (Like Help Joey on Facebook for more chances to win!)

This One Wild Life Helps Joey – The Film

And, if you haven’t, ya gotta watch This One Wild Life Helps Joey – The Film, our contribution to spreading the word so unaltered animals don’t spread their legs. Go ahead and click. You won’t leave the page. We’ll wait, because today we present…

The Making of This One Wild Life Helps Joey – The Outtakes

Conversations with Joey Henry – The Outtakes

Shamus - It DogHave you seen how serious (and seriously funny) the Help Joey videos are while preaching for pet purity? I don’t know how he does it, but Joey is my hero.

When he saw our little film, Joey said, “You are hilarious. Thank you for becoming a #patriotofpetpurity. See, it’s not easy talking about the S-E-X and keeping a straight face.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Being serious is seriously difficult.

I asked if Joey would ever post his own cut footage, but he said, “Much of our outtakes are unusable for language unbecoming of a patriotofpetpurity. Someone’s got a potty mouth when they mess up.”

Somehow, that makes me respect him more.

Joeykim or Kimjoey?

This was an awesome project. I hope to do more to Help Joey, and I may have that chance…

Joey: Next time, I’m totally hiring you to play me. If I were a girl. Or something.
Kim: Do I have to shave my head for this?
Joey: If it helps you get into character, then definitely yes.
Kim: Two words. Skull cap.

And there you have it.

Get your cameras rolling to HELP JOEY TODAY!

How will you stop animal sex?
Seriously, do it.
It’s totally fun.