Help JoeyYour Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

Joey Henry of is a serious dude on a serious mission – to stop animal overpopulation – and he needs our help. Together, we have to stop dogs and cats from chasing tail.

Meet Joey

Joey has dedicated his life to keeping unaltered pets from doing the sex. Ya see, since Joey isn’t licensed to spay or neuter, he learns what he calls Catanese to better communicate the importance of abstinence to cats. He sabotages the love nests of wild dogs in heat. He even chases sex kittens wearing furry dog costumes. He also has a product line to get the job done, including Humpables, the Birds and Bees book for pets, and a chastity belts  for hopeless addicts who won’t listen to reason. (All products are fictional – for now.)

Help Joey Spread the Word and You Could Win a Shirt

Joey InterventionTo win the Help Joey tee, leave a comment below with your best ideas for halting animal deflowerment. Add links to visual aids if it helps. Comments close 11:59 EST on 1/22/11. Joey will pick his favorite, most creative sex-stopper and ship that person a shirt. No matter how you spread Joey’s message, you’ll win a most gratifying experience:  improving the lives of animals.

Psst. Sharing your ideas on Joey’s Facebook Page might curry favor. (I’m just guessing.) Besides, he’s giving away shirts there too.

This One Wild Life Helps Joey – The Video

I taught our Newfoundland the importance of “keeping it in his pants” and, once he understood, he emphatically spread the word. So yeah, we’ve got Curtis Hill covered. It’s your turn.

What’s in your pants?
Help Joey.