On a watermelon kick lately, I learned that my Newf, Shamus loves it too. How do I know? Cutting the fruit from the rind, the slippery bugger escaped me, landing – for all intents and purposes – right in the dog’s mouth. Now the two of us snack on it together. If I don’t share, and sometimes I don’t, I get the big old stink eye.

Watermelon 1Watermelon 2Watermelon 3Watermelon 4

Due to the severity of Shamus’ intense stare, I wondered if he might like watermelon even more than I do. I now see there are 8,300 reasons why that’s not true. They are called taste buds, and I have that many more than he does. My deduction, at this point, is that I win. My prize? More watermelon.

For more fun differences (and similarities) between dogs and humans, check out Dog vs. Human Anatomy Facts below.

Note: Humans sleep several hours less than dogs. Might this be why our Newf thinks he rightfully owns more of the bed?

Dog Anatomy Infographic
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