What British Romantic Poet are You?

Your Result: You are George Gordon, Lord Byron!

Byron was as well-known for his lifestyle as for his remarkable works. He was a poet, athlete, womanizer, and gunrunner, who was once accused of writing poetry “in which the deliberate purpose…is to corrupt.” He died at 36.

You are John Keats!
You are William Blake!
You are William Wordsworth!
You are Samuel Coleridge!
You are Percy Shelley!
What British Romantic Poet are You?
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Hmmm. Not sure how I got this result.

  • My work is not remarkable… I’m a jane-of-all-trades?but?master of none
  • I’m SO not athletic
  • I am a woman, not a womanizer
  • Gunnrunner? My dad made me shoot?a .22?when I was young, but I’m no Dick Cheney.
  • I’m not out to corrupt anybody, just enlighten them, but I can see how?perspective would depend upon point of view.
  • Last but not least, I’ve already outlived this dude.