Window ShoppingWell, the day has come, as we suspected it would. Working from the living room on Wednesday, I heard the tinkle of Jed’s cat collar to my left. Unfortunately, the only thing to my left is a wall with an open window. Jed was on the other side launching 3 feet in the air with each energetic swat at a hovering carpenter bee. He was joined soon after by his attached-at-the-hip brother.

Leading up to their great escape, we had seen their crafty, feline minds calculating the dogs’ trajectory and speed as they’d launch through their dog door. Knowing that they, too, could materialize on the other side of that wall, these cats were not thwarted by heavy, peristant squirt-bottle fire?or threats of even bigger artillery, the all-powerful Super Soaker. Potted cat grass and wimpy indoor tree trunks had nothing on the basic instinct for freedom, the smell of the great outdoors and the exciting jungle life awaiting them outside.

It is with great personal conflict that we meet this next challenge. We had examined several options for keeping the cats indoors while allowing our dogs the yard freedom they have always known here. Unfortunately, the fancy dog doors that open by collar key aren’t made wide enough for the Newf’s chest and, although we’ve heard of training cats with an underground fence, I take serious issue with teaching through pain. Besides, if the cats ever did break through the underground fence and needed to quickly run home again, they aren’t likely to risk a shock to reach safety.

If there’s a good side to this, we live on a mile-long, dead-end dirt road on a small mountain with almost no traffic or predators. Kringle and our neighbors’ cats have led long, healthy lives outdoors, balancing both emotional and physical health. The biggest risk for our young kits is Feline Leukemia so, for now, Tim worked from home with the cats in the studio while I had an overnight trip out of town. This was  a stop-gap solution until we visit the vet bright and early tomorrow morning. Those optional FLV shots are no longer optional.

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