Window Alert

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Bird strikes were fairly common at our house until I found these pretty, little WindowAlerts on Amazon (affiliate link) that debunk the illusions of continuous skies and limbs with reflective UV reflective decals. Still, there are times when a decal won’t cut it.

My husband Tim will never forget the red-tail hawk who, in pursuit of a small bird, crashed head-first into our sunroom door, fell to the ground with the bird still in its talons,  flew off to recover – hopefully. The feather dust left a perfect outline on our window for weeks. Another, not-so-lucky hawk, flew into our kitchen window under the same circumstances and broke his neck, sadly alive and struggling until it expired.

So, how does one help without causing more damage to the bird or to one’s self? Damned if I knew before reading a fabulous free guide from Badger Run Wildlife Rehab’s Vice President, Tawnia L. Shaw, DVM.

Inside, I learned about:

  • the dangers of sharp beaks, strong talons, and beating wings
  • a method to safely capture the bird
  • how to assess and comfort the bird (and how not to)
  • when to call for help and more

Badger Run Wildlife Rehab - Injured Bird CareGET YOUR FREE INJURED BIRD CARE GUIDE

Simply “like” Badger Run Wildlife Rehab on Facebook. That’s all they ask in return for this valuable resource. Once you do, you’ll see their free download.


As BRWR’s video of a juvenile barn owl shows, your approach will seem a threat rather than a friendly gesture. You truly need to be prepared.

I’ve tucked my copy away on my hard drive in case of emergency. I have no doubt it will come in handy some day. I just hope that day doesn’t come too  soon or too often. Get yours today.