It’s June 25th, a day also known in the world of pet owners as “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Working from home this year makes this task easy. My dogs are with me every day, or I’m with them. (It’s unclear who owns who in the household.) So, in the spirit of things, we mixed it up a bit by bringing work to the dogs.

Demo Emmett

Demo Jackson

After installing custom cabinets in our downstairs studio, Scott, our contractor, is finishing up some odd jobs on his last day with us. One of these jobs includes replacing the threshhold between the dining room and sunroom.

Since the sunroom belongs to our hound Emmett, he felt it was his job to help out and supervise. When all was said and done, and even before all was said and done, Scott received Emmett’s seal of approval: a face full of kisses and a cold, wet nose in the ear. (In the photo above, Emmett waits for the perfect opportunity to get in another lick of encouragement.) Emmett wasn’t the only one trying to help. Even the cats got in on it.

Thankfully, this year’s “Take Your Dog to Work Day” fared far better than last year’s “Take Your Child to Work Day.” While going door to door for the Census at the time, I tossed Shamus in the car for my morning run. It seemed like a great bonding opportunity given that Shamus suffered from a bit of separation anxiety during his adoption transition.

Shamus loved being with me that day. We listened to the radio, he watched out the windows, his nose nuzzled my ear, we drove over steep hills, through scenic valleys and made more interesting turns that I can possibly count. Through it all, he did great, until he didn’t.

Sick ShamusAbout 500 feet from our house, with the force of an exploding oil rig, Shamus spewed a nasty concoction all over the back seat, down the rear doors, in the magazine pockets, in the door handles, in my hair, on the floor and on himself. In the rear view mirror I saw the saddest eyes of remorse.

“It’s okay buddy. Not your fault,” I said as I tried not to inhale, keeping the spoiled air at bay. This was one time I wished most accidents happened at home, not within two miles from it.

The situation wasn’t all bad. Shamus injested a small child’s toy at his previous house and it remained in his system, undetected, for about a week. This twisting, turning drive, though not the pleasant experience I had hoped for, was the Epicac that finally set the foreign object free. As it turns out, Shamus LOVES car rides, just not toys that make him sick. Live and learn…

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