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Thanks to the Adventure Mat from Kakadu Pet, the Newf and I are having some wonderful outings. While Shamus is quite literally a huge fan of this new bed, I am too, in the figurative sense. Here’s why:


We have a tall order to fill. The Newf needs to fit. When Kelly Diedring Harris of Kakadu Pet offered this bed free for review, she recommended the extra large size (47″ x 31″) for dogs up to 85 pounds. While our Newf is relatively small at a mere 96, he fits very comfortably with a good bit of leg room on all sides. It appears that the dimensions are generously designed to cater to a bit of rolling over and stretching out.

Kakadu Pet provides the following dimensions and recommendations:

  • Small: 33″ x 27″- Recommended for dogs up to 35lbs
  • Medium: 37″ x 31″- Recommended for dogs up to 45lbs
  • Large: 41″ x 35″ – Recommended for dogs up to 70lbs
  • Extra Large: 47″ x 31″- Recommended for dogs up to 85lbs

Kakadu Pet Bed


A light colored, dirt-resistant bed is crucial for Shamus. He has difficulty tolerating the summer heat and, when he launches from a laying position, the force can lock the slightest amount of dirt into any fabric for life.

BINGO. The Adventure Mat fits the bill. As our bed has demonstrated, the Duck Egg (powder blue) color offers a less heat-absorbent side while the Jungle (dark brown) faces downward on dustier adventures. The full assortment of available colors include:

  • Mandarin and Midnight
  • Rouge and Blush
  • Smoke and Zest
  • Duck Egg and Jungle


After the Newf and Hound held an impromptu wrestling match on board the Adventure Mat, not only did the sturdy fabric hold up to some rough and tumble play, residual paw prints came out with a cool machine wash and a quick dry. There is no cover to strip and the inside comes out as fresh and clean as the outside.What an invaluable feature in a household with two dog doors. Rainy days can be quite a mess!

Note: The only paw print that remains is the beautifully embroidered design in complimentary colors on both sides (not a cheap iron-on that eventually peals off). Nice touch, Kakadu!


Accommodating the Newf’s big bones during travel hasn’t been easy. Typically, we forego bringing a dog bed during day trips because we find it space and ease prohibitive. Taking the Adventure Mat for a test drive, I am thrilled to have discovered several aspects that make it a “must have” for every single journey.

  • The Adventure Mat conveniently rolls up to a manageable size with a handy handle.
  • It protects my back seat from dirt and drool without tangling the Newf in an unruly sheet.
  • Attaching and detaching the elastic to and from the head rests is very easy.
  • Baffles keep the stuffing evenly distributed with no uneven bunching.
  • Shamus can relax anywhere, even on the concrete slab floor at our favorite coffee supplier, Roaster’s Whim!

My only point of caution is that the elastic bands are attractive to our hound, Emmett, who loves to disassemble anything in his presence. If you have a dog like him, you’ll want to monitor use, as with any new item.


Kakadu Pet, originally from Australia, has set up shop in the US, making available their quality selection of pet beds, collars, harnesses, leads, clothing, and pet carriers. You can find them at these online locations:


This One Wild Life kicks off the month-long ADVENTURE PET PHOTO CONTEST on Monday, May 17. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready! Details to follow…

Grand Prize: a Medium Rouge and Blush Adventure Mat from Kakadu Pet (retail value: $42.18). Measuring 37″ x 31″, this size is recommended for dogs up to 45lbs.

DISCLOSURE: Kakadu Pet has provided this free Adventure Mat dog bed to test how well it holds up against the Newf, hound, two cats and a bit of travel. I, as the author of this review, have received no compensation to sway my opinion and the observations above are solely the result of my personal experience with this product.