My friend Linda, a Village Volunteer, has news from Kenya about people previously mentioned here. In her blog, Autosmiler, Linda reports on Emmanuel and Lillian, her host family from her trip last June:

I’d been supporting his campaign to be a Member of Parliament. I’ve included his harried email below. Emmanuel’s wife, Lillian, went into shock and they had to take her to the hospital. They are both recovering.

Presenting a perspective unavailable through mainstream media, Linda offers Emmanuel’s own words:

“We had not prepared for an election to be stolen- we had not prepared to host refugees in our midst, we had not prepared to be in a state of war… Oh God… we thought our democracy was way out of dictators who are ready ro sacrifice anything to stay on power. Whatever much that the Lord enables you to send, know that that our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving- … – in the coming days, I may have to live in the woods [if] that is the price to pay for the liberation of our people- I will have to make these sacrifices to see the prosperity of many generations- yes I now hear sounds of boots coming- the [police] are on the prowl again- it doesn’t matter to me that they [may] have to give me a beating again…

To read the full letters and learn more, visit Autosmiler. Linda has put together a comprehensive summary of events, additional messages, Kenyan blog posts and ways to help?while Kenyan banks are shut down. She asks that donations be made to Village Volunteers with the label General Needs.

Emmanuel is not our only friend in Kenya, and Shana [Greene, Executive Director] knows where the needs are the most desparate.

As for those volunteers still in Kenya, Linda says:

Non-Africans are not targeted, so tourists and Village Volunteers (VV) volunteers are unharmed; just stranded. Shana is on top of that with volunteers’ parents and such. And, we have not heard about deaths or suffering from our African individuals affiliated?with VV. Although most of the reported violence and danger has been in western Kenya where they are, it is a very large area so that’s where I’m drawing hope.