Village Volunteers has officially suspended their volunteer program through February, and cannot guarantee volunteer placement in Kenya for future months.

While it is our hope that peace will be restored soon, we are committed to the safety of our volunteers and will not be able to resume our program in Kenya until we can be assured that all volunteers will be safe.

Safety seems a distant dream. AlJazeera’s video today illustrates a situation so far removed from safe that, from where I sit, only the escalation of crimes against humanity is plainly evident. I cannot fathom how, in interviews, angry mobs can speak of rights to land, land that has been stolen but cannot feel physical and emotional pain, and at the same time they steal the rights of human beings who have an enormous capacity for pain when limb is severed from body, father from mother, parents from children, life from death – forever. The land will remain, but it will be indelibly stained with the blood of the murdered and wounded.

These crimes may have been ignited by politicians who also fanned the flames, but those who fight for land and not a nation must look their victims in the eye. When the riotous adrenaline surge subsides, will there be guilt or remorse? All I read about now is a grand sense of pride in a deadly and short lived victory. In the mean time, politicians in their pristine environments smile pristine smiles wearing pristine suits with pristine hands free from the glistening blood of their people. The pawns, those cultivated and molded by ethnic political rhetoric, have done the dirty work. One can only hope that all involved will someday bear the weight of this nightmare upon their hearts for eternity.

My bitterness is kept in check by reading blogs like The Journey of the Future Diplomat containing the “memoirs of a young kenyan who hopes that one day he will be a great diplomat for his country Kenya.” The future diplomat says:

We young people are being hoodwinked by our parents, relatives, politicians, elders and even pastors and we are being taught a hate that we have never known; we are being forced to take sides. But today i refuse and i sooooo refuse.

With an admirable spirit of nationality, he continues to love all that Kenya can be while refusing to internalize the ethnic divide.