Clune PalinLast week, we visited Juneau, Alaska , where my family and I encountered sea lions, whales, eagles, a glacier, a bear and ate wild caught salmon — sans Sarah Palin. This week, we bring you inside Glacier Bay on the most perfect, crystal clear, blue-sky day.

Glacier Bay was once a single sheet of solid ice known as the Grand Pacific Glacier. At roughly 4,000 feet thick and 20 miles wide, it has retreated  65 miles over the past 200 years leaving the bay and 20 separate glaciers in its trail.

Come with us to the Lamplugh, Johns Hopkins, Grand Pacific and  Marjerie Glaciers as our Holland America cruise ship, the Amsterdam, enters in on calm, serene waters disturbed only by calving ice. It’s a gorgeous ride into pristine territory where Mother Nature is fully in charge.

NOTE: Yes, we take to the water this week, as do the Palin’s in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Unlike Palin’s version, no halibut are clubbed between the eyes as means to escape the woes of public criticism. I typically fast forward through Palin’s show to gather information and rival it with my own, but I simply couldn’t watch as she taught her daughters to shoot guns and club animals as a way to both escape from and deal with their issues. I promise, you’ll find none of that here.