Clune PalinThe last adventure of our Palin-free Alaskan cruise takes us not to Alaska, but to Victoria, British Columbia where we took a frigid boat ride around the islands at sunset in search of orcas, porpoises, eagles, cormorants and sea lions.

While unlucky in whale sitings, we watched dumbfounded as a magnificant Eagle made an unusual kill, snapping a gull from the air overhead and flying off with it while chased by other gulls. The sheer power was breathtaking.

Our guide said a kill of this type is highly atypical for an Eagle. Normally, they feed on fish and carrion. While he had never seen anything like it in all his years of coastline travels, there it happened, right in front of us. Amazing.

Come back next Friday for the blooper reel! And if you’ve missed any Palin-free, Alaskan Adventures: