Jed NapsJed was sleeping in Tim’s spot on the couch as Tim came home from work last night. Knowing full well that the little beasties spend gobs of time pouncing and bouncing around, Tim asked with a note of sarcasm, “Is this all you do all day? Sleep?”

I answered for Jed. “Are you kidding me? He’s busy growing up – right there in front of your eyes!”

Jackson and Jed already seem changed since Saturday. Their confidence is building, their connection to us is strengthening, and their little bodies are stretching and lengthening. The changes are happening at a perceptible rate.

Not wanting to lose one precious minute of this short span of youth, I posted the following update on Facebook and Twitter yesterday:

I’ve shot 439 photographs of the kittens since 8 PM last night. That’s not SO nuts, is it?

Some of you flat-out think I’m crazy:

  • In some places you might be charged with stalking.
  • That is bordering on crazy. Not gonna lie!
  • Obsess much?
  • Nuts.
Others completely understand:
  • Not at all. Now 500 would be a bit overboard.
  • No it is not… *glances at 4 gig SD card full of cat & newf pics*
  • We share your superfluous adoration!
  • So where are the pix? Don’t we get to see 2 or 3 hundred of them?

For those who share my obsession, I have narrowed the “Best of the Best” down to 35 photographs and posted them below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

New Kittens

Please note: The aloe plant which appears in the final shots is poisonous to cats and has been removed from the kittens’ environment.