Kyjen Big Pile

I just got word…

There’s a whole lotta dog toys to be had in Kyjen’s Toy-a-Day and Win a Big Pile of Everything Giveaway! There are several ways to get your paws on some of this loot:

  • One lucky winner is chosen daily, from November 17th through January 3rd, to receive a fabulous dog toy from the Kyjen collection.
  • On January 3rd, one very lucky winner (Toy-a-Day winners excluded) will be drawn to receive the Grand Prize: 171 toys! That’s one each from Kyjen’s entire line!
  • Are you a blogger? Check out this special contest just for you.


Just enter your email address today! You’ll subscribe to Kyjen’s newsletter and be entered into both contests automatically. That’s it! While there, you can sign up to be a dog toy tester too.

Good luck to you (and to me)!
I hope one of us wins.