Don't Kill Bill BadgeIn participation with BtC4animals’ Blog the Change, I share with you a unique solution to a horrific problem, and the chance to win a free audio download…

Puppy mills warehouse dogs in small, filthy cages where they churn out litter after litter to supply pet stores with puppies. Meanwhile, millions of dogs are destroyed in shelters each year due to over-population. How can we raise awareness and the funding to fight this?

Don’t Kill Bill: A Dog Lover’s Night Out

Kyla Duffy, fabric aerialist and founder of  Up for Pups, choreographed a brazenly unique stage show (named for her rescued mill dog) that entertains, curbs unwitting public support of puppy mills through education, and generates funding for rescues. Pairing daring aerial feats, Cirque de Soleil style, with captivating multimedia storytelling and original music composed by Marilyn Milano, animal advocacy never felt so uplifting.

Show info:

Don’t Kill Bill debuts at the Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO on February 12th, 2011 at 7:30. Rescue organizations will be in the lobby and Duffy will promote adoptable dogs during the show, so come early for some Q&A. (Can’t come? See below for additional support opportunities.)

Tickets are $19 for adults, $12 for children. (BUY NOW! or Book Don’t Kill Bill in your city.) Proceeds fund a manual to teach rescue organizations to work efficiently with donations and ultimately save more animals.

This just in! Duffy won’t be performing alone:

My aerial partner, Jessie Miller, just turned 15 and she’s an awesome performer. We’ve added some new moves I’ve never before seen done on aerial fabric, and we’ve added a Border Collie named Clementine.

Leave a comment with your best guess as to how Clementine will become part of the performance for a chance to win The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND!, a free audio download featuring 55 exhilarating true stories about fostered and adopted dogs as featured in the show. I’m told clues may be found at the Up for Pups website and on Boulder Dog’s blog. The winner will be randomly selected from this post’s comments on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

Not in Denver but want to help? Consider this:

Lost Souls Found DiscThe Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! Funds Rescue

  • $8 from each audio book sold throughout January supports rescue. Purchase The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND!, and name AnimalKind, Inc. as the recipient.
  • Purchase the audio books and show tickets together and receive $10 off.

Personally recording 10 rescue stories in my own voice, I often had to stop, unable to speak through joyful tears knowing that each starring dog was real and had found love. After hearing The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! in its entirety, each voice speaks with the compassion I felt, bringing the words to life so we could well represent these lucky dogs and to help many more find the way.

Make the difference. Support Kyla’s work today.