Kyla Duffy is a person who tackles social, intellectual and physical situations head on. She firmly believes that our innate talent and skill sets, no matter how irrelevant they may seem, can help a cause close to our hearts. Kyla, in her own humble way, lives by example every single day.


When you visit you are greeted with this message:

Kyla DuffyThank you for visiting my website, but I have to be honest, the Happy Tails Books and Up For Pups websites are much more interesting.

Bill, a Boston Terrier puppy mill survivor, has inspired me to dedicate this time in my life to humane education. These two efforts are my way of paying forward the fortunate life my family has given me.

I prefer not to gloss over Kyla’s achievements so easily,  instead I’d like to point out how each is used for social change.

Kyla lived on her own and traveled the world as a professional snowboarder since the age of 16. She rolled coins while being interviewed and talked about the freedom of independence while laboring to pay the bills and missing her supportive parents. Since retiring from snowboarding in 2001, she pursued adult gymnastics and high-flying trapeze, a BS in Marketing, a BA in Spanish Translation, and an MPS in Organizational Leadership (earning near perfect scores in each). She has run several businesses selling skateboard supplies, health food and now books.

So what does any of this have to do with animal welfare?


Combining the sum of her experience, including fostering dogs like now-adopted Bill, Kyla is the founder of two non-profits, Happy Tails Books and Up For Pups. Each raising awareness of, and funding for, dog rescue efforts. Kyla loves to share the passionate stories written by pet-lovers whose animals have clearly changed their lives. She lists her Google profile superpower as “Fighting Puppy Mills with my PEN!” In the case of Up for Pups, the pen isn’t her only tool in her box of tricks. This is where Kyla truly gets creative. According to her website, she risks life, limb, and dignity to tell you that:

  • Adoptable dogs are GREAT dogs
  • Today, at this moment, hundreds of thousands of animals are suffering at the hands of puppy mill owners who keep them shut in small cages and breed them again and again until they can breed no more
  • By voting with our dollars not to support these unscrupulous breeders and opening our homes to those breeding dogs who have been rescued, we can put an end to the suffering

I had the opportunity to film Kyla’s Up for Pups performance for, featuring people behind the causes that  BTC supports. It was both beautiful and moving. See for yourself.


Not all of us can swing from the sky, but we each have talent, whether we recognize these as useful to rescue or not.

Don't Kill BillFor Kyla’s upcoming stage show, Don’t Kill Bill, I am so honored to participate using a skill I dust off only for road trips with my husband. Often reading novels on the drive and adopting different voices for various characters, I have recorded, in my own voice, 10 rescue stories published in Happy Tails Books to be used during Kyla’s performance. Each illustrates how valuable rescue dogs truly are, and that’s a message I am always proud to spread – in any medium!

You too can help Kyla.  There are plenty of opportunities to participate. Most require the skills we use every single day: supporting something we care about, interacting with people, writing a few paragraphs, and even shopping. Go ahead! Jump in!

  • Rescue of the Year Competition:
    Through Nov. 25th you can vote for your favorite rescues. The winner will receive $500 worth of prizes they can use for fundraising.
  • Holiday Gift Guide:
    Happy Tails Books donates no less than 25% of net profits back to rescue. (Their 2010 donation is going to be more than $10,000!) Check out the custom handmade ornaments with your pet’s picture and name, new books about cats and all breeds of dog, and stationary: great holiday gifts that give back.
  • Raffle Prizes:
    Have an upcoming raffle and need raffle prizes? Kyla has eBooks, paperback books, stationary, and holiday ornaments in limited supply, so contact her soon if you’d like the good stuff!
  • Reviews:
    Kyla has awesome books about adopted dogs and cats and new stationary that she would love to have you review. Just ask!
  • Recognize Rescuers:
    A new feature on Kyla’s blog begins next month. If you know a rescuer who has significantly touched your life and you’d like to publicly thank them, please send a few paragraphs to post!
  • Submit a Rescue Story:
    Share a great tale about your rescued pet for a chance to have it published. It’s easy! One of our stories made the latest cat book, Lost Souls Found.


Thank you for your constant inspiration, generosity and sharing, Kyla. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know you and working hand-in-hand toward a better life for animals. If the animals could talk, they’d thank you too.