Portrait of a BloggerBlogging imparts so many lessons upon us. We learn about ourselves, our subjects, and how to share and communicate effectively. We begin to write from within the comfort of who we are — and how we dress when nobody is looking. (Polka-dot fleece pants, anyone?)

To explore these many facets, the TripBase Blog began My 7 links. The rules? Once nominated, publish 7 blog links to share lessons learned. Then nominate five bloggers to share their 7 Links.

Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me? nominated Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com who, in turn, nominated me. So, without further ado, I present…


1.) My most beautiful post:

Whistler OwlWhistler, the Barred Owl
Visited by this magnificent being on several wintery days, the prose of my experience flowed through my keys with the slightest effort. Perching so close to the house, the owl never wavered as I brought out the big lens and stole moments of statuary poses. In tremendous awe, I learned that there is nothing more exciting than experiencing this owl for myself, aside from sharing that experience with others.

2.) My most popular post:

Shamus - It DogHelp Joey Stop Animal Sex

I’d like to think that this post’s popularity is due to the gravity of animal overpopulation issues, the contrasting  hilarity with which these issues are presented by the HelpJoey.com campaign, and our own video contribution to Joey’s comedic collection. All have merit, to be sure, but I’ve learned that  internet perverts searching for “animal sex” also rank prominently in these stats. And that’s okay. Perverts should spay and neuter too. Especially perverts, actually.

3.) My most controversial post:

Consumer AffairsMake PEDIGREE Donate 20 lbs of Food!

Initially, in support of this campaign, I partook to help rescue animals. Immediately after posting, I received upsetting reports about the food’s quality. I wrote a retraction and listed questions resulting from the issues I saw. This post, and others like it, raised a good deal of awareness within the pet blogger community, alerting people that poor quality products should not be promoted through the exploitation of rescue animals or the good will of bloggers. This awareness did not come without contention, and the subject is still touchy for some.

4.) My most helpful post:

Bulldog SkullsBreeding Dogs vs. the Horrors of Inbreeding

I had always valued breeders as voices of authority, as experts, and dog lovers. When I saw a documentary about the physical horrors created for dogs through extreme breeding, I had to know more and to share what I learned. It is difficult to imagine that harmful aesthetics are valued more than health in the dog breeding world. This was not only eye-opening for me, but for many others who reached out to me and shared it after reading it for themselves.

5.) A post whose success surprised me:

Shamus HolidayCurtis Hill Holiday 2010

We announced in our 2009 holiday letter that it would be our last  for the sake of the environment. Instead, I made this holiday video greeting for family and friends, sharing our household traditions and love for each other (human, domestic pets and wildlife). The response was phenomenal from people within our circles and even came from far beyond! I’ve since learned that there’s no going back to postal greetings now. Our family won’t allow it. Not that we’d want to.

6.) A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:

Kim HauntedGremlins in Our Midst

Kittens pose as villains in this ghoulish, garish telling of my childhood nightmare. This Halloween themed post was so much fun to write, and the video so much fun to produce, I wish more people would have dropped by to enjoy it the way I did. The lesson learned here is geared more towards timing. Last October, posting on a Thursday didn’t yield much traffic for this budding Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogger.

7.) A post that I am most proud of:

Georgia KingGeorgia: Forever on our Minds

This 5-part series tracks the known history of a rescue dog named Georgia  as told by the many people who breezed in and out of her life. Following each of Georgia’s turning points was most rewarding, from the impact Hurricane Katrina, to moving from state to state, to life as a foster, and finally finding a loving home to call her own before she died. I learned so much about what a rescue dog goes through, even when supported by loving people.


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