Jackson KwitsIt is with heavy heart that I present the final Litter Kwitter training report from this household.

As you know, our cats were  transitioning  from their original litter box to the Litter Kwitter and working toward moving the Litter Kwitter from the floor to the toilet. We spent several days rearranging our house to ward off curious dogs while encouraging our cats. Unfortunately, the experiment ends here.


Jed jumped up on the toilet, one day, watching curiously while I cleaned out his tray. I grew curious and placed the Litter Kwitter on the toilet seat just to see what would happen. Am I glad I did! The Litter Kwitter didn’t fit!

Our toilet is an odd artistic shape, flaring out just under the tank and impeding a secure connection. Sadly, this is our only bathroom and I’m not prepared to duct tape the Litter Kwitter in place each time we humans are through using the toilet.


Please note that I have full faith in this product and would have worked through our household challenges if we had a second loo. Jed is just as disappointed as I am in the shelving of our training. He worked so hard to learn, studying the DVD with full-on focus. (He especially likes the bloopers.)

For the many cats who have graduated, our family salutes you. (And we are extremely jealous of you.) Rest assured, our Litter Kwitter is stored safely away until we renovate our bathroom. That’s right. I won’t quit that easily. One day we WILL live the dream.

NOTE: I received no compensation to review this product. The opinions expressed herein are my honest assessment based on observation and personal experience using the free sample I received.