Kim Hides Behind CamerasI’m typically a behind-the-scenes kind of girl, happily lurking behind the laptop keyboard, camera, or camcorder. The thing is, I have massive stage fright. No, really…

Today, I’ll suck it up though as Bethanne Elion of Hidden Wisdom Radio interviews me about our long search for our two escaped dogs in deep snow and frigid temperatures this winter, the personal injury and emotional strain involved in their rescue, and the resources we used to bring them back. The segment following mine covers the aid of animal communicators in finding lost pets. Check it out!

Hidden Wisdom Radio
Animal Insights Show

Friday March 25th, 2011
3PM EST (noon Pacific)

If you miss it live, a recording will be available at that same link after the show, or you can download via iTunes.

You should really tune in just to see if I succeed. I’ve only ever made 3 announcements during my 4 year career as a flight attendant – hiding in the restroom feeling sick after each one. Dreading every shaking moment on stage playing Djembe in a band once, I got in the car after the show and sobbed to let all that tension go, then I quit. I cried during the saddest part of the short fiction piece I presented to an English Honors awards ceremony, not because it saddened me but because I couldn’t leave the podium fast enough. This could be a train wreck. You wouldn’t want to miss that, now, would you?