Welcome to part 2 of our Mexican Riviera Cruise series. In part 1, we shared the start of our vacation in San Diego.


Let’s have a little road car race to the ms. Oosterdam and order up some margaritas. The sun is shining, sailboats are gliding through the bay, and the whole of the military is doing flybys to keep us in line on Lido deck. Enjoy the daytime view and stunning sunset from our veranda as the ship makes an impressive half-turn and heads for sea.

To the Cruise

And remember the little military base that denied us access? The Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI)? Check out the bird’s eye view of Blackhawks, Seahawks and plenty of other impressive equipment that our cruise ship affords. (I don’t think I’m trading national secrets here, but if you don’t hear from me again, assume otherwise.)

Last little note: My father-in-law and his girlfriend couldn’t make this trip, so we brought them along in spirit. You’ll see.


Two days at sea… Boring? Not on your life! We’ve got breaching California Gray whales at sunrise and a sea lion who’s above water more-so than below, quite possibly swimming for his life. (If not, he sure is acrobatic.Yeah. He was just having fun. We’ll stick with that.)