Welcome to part 3 of our Mexican Riviera Cruise video logs! Part 1 shared the start of our  vacation in San Diego and in part 2, our ship sets sail. Now for part 3…


Wake to a beautiful sunrise over Bahia Magdelena, the gateway to the Pacific ocean and natural reserve to California gray whales. Gray whales, known for their friendliness and curiosity toward humans, frequent these waters from January through March to complete their biological cycle. This makes it one of the best sites in the peninsula for gray whale watching. Our first sighting  is one lively breach as if to celebrate the new day.

Pacific white sided dolphins make a splash on our way through too, with numbers in the hundreds, causing a ceaseless wave of motion between the ship and the coastline. Later, as we admire the graceful flight lines of a Magnificent Frigate-bird from our veranda, the dolphins come closer to greet the ship and jump through its shift in current.

Pacific Dolphin

Watch with fascination and horror as a harbor seal wriggles through the water for its life as something unseen has it in pursuit. And watch for occasional pelicans and gulls as we continue past the white sand dunes of Cabo San Lucas on our way to Puerto Vallarta. And all this is yours to view before lunch rolls around.


BettyTo back things up just a bit, our first day at sea was all about people play as we enjoyed cruising with a view from our veranda suites. We had never had these before, and now we’ll have to have them always. Betty played in a dress-up scavenger hunt having to wear everything she found and, while she did discover every item on the list, she lost to a skirted man wearing a bra on his head. (Really, who could compete with that?) Afterward, we gussied up for a formal dinner and annual portraits. As you’ll see, we clean up well, but you can’t take us out…

Come back next week for more exciting adventures!