Banderas BayThis week, we share with you our entertaining crew of an excursion called “Two if by Sea.” Dancing on the bow of the boat, they show us their stuff before whisking us off to Banderas Bay for some snorkeling and kayaking. The birds and fish were gorgeous, and you might think the same of some of our crew.

If you missed the whales we saw on the way here, go back and watch. That was a sight to see!


  • Part 1:  Vacation in San Diego — We see shore birds, pigeons and fish which are pulled fresh from the water at the Empire Beach pier, and we ride a silver Mustang seeing more than a few Black Hawks as we drive through San Diego to Coronado Island and beyond, to the beach.
  • Part 2:  Ship Sets Sail — The sun is shining, sailboats are gliding through the bay, and the whole of the military is doing flybys to keep us in line on Lido deck. Enjoy the daytime view and stunning sunset from our veranda as the ship makes an impressive half-turn and heads for sea.
  • Part 3:  Wildlife of Bahia Magdelena — Bay waters teen with breaching gray whales, humpbacks, a harbor seal swimming for its life and other beautiful sea life.
  • Part 4: Whales of Puerto Vallarta — We board a small boat, the only means of transport to Yelapa beach, but find ourselves detoured by 7 feeding humpback whales.