Puerta Vallarta Pacific DolphinBottomless Margaritas flow freely as our small boat heads back to Puerto Vallarta from Yelapa. The party only gets better when hundreds of dolphins come to play.

Heading straight for us, they surround the sides of the boat, dive under and come up to see the people on the bow. Smiling for the camera, they come straight for – and playfully duck under – the boat’s photographer whose legs dangle in the water.


Boat DanceLeaving the dolphins in our wake, our playful crew puts on a show of their own, costumes and all. Is it the fact that we’re watching a stage show on the bow of a moving boat that makes this such a crack up?

Margarita MarinersNot to be outdone, we Margarita Mariners improvise our own show. I have to say, dancing unfamiliar moves on ocean swells while drinking makes folks appear far more intoxicated than they truly are. I, on the other hand, am probably exactly as intoxicated as I appear.


  • Part 1:  Vacation in San Diego — We see shore birds, pigeons and fish which are pulled fresh from the water at the Empire Beach pier, and we ride a silver Mustang seeing more than a few Black Hawks as we drive through San Diego to Coronado Island and beyond, to the beach.
  • Part 2:  Ship Sets Sail — The sun is shining, sailboats are gliding through the bay, and the whole of the military is doing flybys to keep us in line on Lido deck. Enjoy the daytime view and stunning sunset from our veranda as the ship makes an impressive half-turn and heads for sea.
  • Part 3:  Wildlife of Bahia Magdelena — Bay waters teen with breaching gray whales, humpbacks, a harbor seal swimming for its life and other beautiful sea life.
  • Part 4: Whales of Puerto Vallarta — We board a small boat, the only means of transport to Yelapa beach, but find ourselves detoured by 7 feeding humpback whales. All this, after the most beautiful sunrise over Puerto Vallarta.
  • Part 5: Banderas Bay — After our crew’s entertaining dance, we relax in this beautiful landscape, snorkel with orange and black striped fish, and kayak the shoreline.
  • Part 6: Wildlife of Yelapa Lagoon — The remote resort of Yelapa has a a serene lagoon where humans, horses, and herons are great fun for playful Mexican dogs as well as a beautiful beach where humans play.